Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University returns with new changes

Kaiyle Okada, Staff Writer

Tina Ngo steps into the new role of Senator of Public Health this year. Photo by Tina Ngo

Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU) has been hard at work to assure that the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters will run smoothly. New staff, such as Senators and the Executive Board, are learning how to navigate through this upcoming year. There have been some new positions added this year, including the Public Health and the Military Affiliated positions. 

The role of Senator of Public Health was passed last year and is responsible for representing the constituents of nursing and social work programs, and advocating for their ideas and campus involvement. This year’s Senator of Public Health is Tina Ngo of the class of 2023. 

She is excited to be working in this new position this year. Ngo’s top goal for the year is to create a collaborative event with the nursing and social work program where she will showcase the importance of those in nursing and social work programs and the need for their collaborative effort in the work environment. To achieve this goal, Ngo plans on meeting more of her constituents to discuss the goal and create a bridge between the two majors. 

Ngo is involved in Catholic Relief Services (CRS) as an ambassador, African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian-Pacific Island, Native American (AHANA) as a mentor, is a service immersion lead, and an Act Six Scholar. With so many commitments, Ngo uses her planner to continue to remain positive and busy. 

Cheyenne Yap will serve as this year’s Senator of Clubs. Photo by Cheyenne Yap

Cheyenne Yap of the class of 2021 is the Senator of Clubs this year. Yap has stated that ASSMU has been amazing so far and that she enjoys it because “it gives me the opportunity to work with different senators from different disciplines” as well as enables her to work with clubs on campus, which she enjoys. Her top goal for this year is to develop effective communication and transparency between herself and the executive board of each club. 

Yap is also involved in the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Norcia as a mentor. Yap uses a method called block scheduling where she blocks out hours of her day for certain things and does not plan any meetings after 7 p.m.

Cesar Sandoval of the class of 2022 is Vice President of ASSMU. Sandoval shares that he has had fun so far and is optimistic when seeing everyone’s ideas for the new year.  His main goal is to promote ASSMU as much as possible as well as ensure that the Senate gets the recognition they deserve. Sandoval intends to promote the Senate by utilizing social media and setting up QR codes around campus with the list of the Senate and their contact information.

Sandoval is also the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Food Chair, Secretary for Saint Martin’s University Future Educators Club (SMUFE), and a member of the Saint Martin’s University Volleyball Club. He reveals that it is challenging balancing everything out but he uses his planner as much as possible to guarantee he does not miss any important dates.

Some updates that ASSMU has implemented is that monthly temperature checks will be held that need to be filled out by each club at the end of the month. Clubs also have to maintain social distancing and check out cleaning kits that include cleaning supplies following any club event. ASSMU has also been brainstorming many ideas to provide students with safe and socially distanced events. 

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