Business Spotlight: Blue Heron Bakery soars to the occasion

Grace Crocker, Staff Writer

Blue Heron Bakery offers delicious treats at reasonable prices. Photo by Grace Crocker

After our trip to a particular bakery ended in disappointment, my friend Joe and I stopped by the Olympia Farmers’ Market. We browsed around and came across Blue Heron Bakery’s stall, where they had a variety of bread, cookies, and brownies for sale. The brownies seemed to be calling my name, so Joe and I each got one for a very reasonable price: just under $5 for a filling, chocolatey and chewy treat. 

The ladies running the stall were very kind and talkative, and when I made an error, they politely helped me fix my mistake. Still feeling hungry, Joe and I decided once we left the market that we would find the bakery’s store location to check and see if they had any more sweets. We looked up the address designated on the market stall sign of 4419 Harrison Ave, and arrived shortly after.

The shop itself looked different than I’m sure it would have if it were not for the COVID-19 regulations to abide by, but it was still inviting. The smell of freshly baked goods was enough to get my mouth watering behind my mask. There was fresh bread on the shelves, so many different cookies, brownies, pastries, and a large fridge to hold cheesecakes and other dairy items. Unlike the market stall, the store also offered pizza and ice cream. 

Along with baked goods, Blue Heron Bakery sells souvenirs like mugs and shirts that would be cute enough to buy if I had the budget for them. There is a small section for handmade note cards up for purchase created by a local artist, April Baisan, with beautiful nature designs on them including dragonflies, an octopus and, of course, a heron. Basian describes her inspiration for the pieces on an info card behind her artwork.

The bakery staff were just as nice as the ladies working the market stall. They politely answered our questions about the products and waited patiently for us to decide what we wanted, which was tough considering all the options. Joe and I each bought a variety of cheesecake, an orange cake for them and a berry cake for me. The cheesecakes looked almost too beautiful to eat, but digging in was worth it. 

“It’s delectable,” Joe said. “Light and airy with just the right amount of orange zest.” And I had to agree. It had been so long since I had eaten cheesecake, and I was not disappointed with what I got.

According to their website, the Blue Heron Bakery started back in 1977.

“A group of friends founded a bakery with the desire to create natural food and build community. In the early days, they had yet to purchase a mixer to do the heavy work of bread production, so instead, the bakers would mix the ingredients together in giant bowls until it was firm enough to put on the table. The dough would then be divided between them, and they would knead their part until it was properly developed. Together they made each batch and over time built what today has become a tradition, the Blue Heron Bakery,” reads the bakery’s website.

The bakery is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day and offers delivery service via the United Parcel Service (UPS). They do require patrons to wear a mask indoors but will bring your order outside if you are unable to wear a face covering. Their website is and you can also call in an order at (360) 866-BAKE (2253). There are alternative items for specific diets, if necessary.

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