Miami Heat look to keep up in NBA Finals

Kierrla Yates, Staff Writer

Anthony Davis of the Lakers and Jimmy Butler of the Heat posted-up with one another during game on the 2019-20 NBA Final. Photo retrieved from

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Playoffs are almost over, and the Finals are now underway. Last week, the Miami Heat beat out the Boston Celtics to secure their seat in the NBA Finals, while the Los Angeles Lakers took the position from the Denver Nuggets. Both teams entered into the NBA Finals with a playoff record of 12 wins and three losses, but in their first of seven games, the Lakers beat Miami 116-98. Both teams have played very well, despite the pandemic and the postponement of the finals from the winter to the fall.

Going over game one of the finals, the Lakers found themselves with a 3-point lead at the end of the first quarter. The Lakers continued to lead the next two quarters. They expanded their lead by 26 points, leaving the third quarter with a score of 93-67 and Miami struggling to find momentum. Slowly throughout those three quarters, Miami performed as though they were checked out or ready to head home. With the addition of an injury for Goran Dragic, Miami struggled to keep their focus in the game. However, in the last quarter, Miami managed to find their missing momentum and scored 31 points outscoring the Lakers by eight points. 

Each team had stellar performances from their forwards. Miami’s forward, Jimmy Butler, and the Lakers forwards, Anthony Davis and Lebron James, all dominated the scoreboard. Butler led his team with 23 points and five assists. While LeBron had a great game and managed 25 points with 13 rebounds, his teammate Anthony Davis had the hot hands, and finished the game with 34 points, five assists, and nine rebounds. 

Looking forward to the second game in the NBA finals, it looks like Los Angeles could steal another win from Miami. Going into game two, the Lakers have the momentum from their win over the Heat on Wednesday night. Miami could also suffer the loss of their guard Goran Dragic, who will most likely not be playing in game two as a result from his torn plantar fascia. According to Miami Heat’s twitter announcement, Dragic was listed as doubtful to play in game two of the finals. This could prove to cause significant damage for the Heat. Dragic was a lead guard who averaged 16.2 points per game this season. Game two will be very important for Miami, if they do not play well it could spell a dip in motivation and momentum in the next important games to come. 

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