Saints Promise program launches for first-year students

Abigail Fuentes, Staff Writer

Saint Martin’s University’s Career Center staff started a new program this year called Saints Promise. The program is a promise of a successful outcome from a Saint Martin’s University education to students who invest in their career planning. The program started in the fall of 2020 with incoming freshmen as the first class that gets to experience what the Career Center has to offer with virtual workshops throughout the year. Not only does school administration hope for their students to graduate with a degree and experience in their intended field, but also to secure their first job or get into graduate school

Getting to this outcome means taking necessary, but small, steps. Students will attend virtual workshops and build a network of professional contacts that will help get them into the career field they are striving towards. Through the Saints Promise program, students are responsible for completing year-by-year activities and programs to maintain program eligibility, as outlined in their student contract. 

If students remain eligible for the program all four years of their undergraduate enrollment, and are unable to secure a job or enrollment into graduate school within six months after graduating, the university will guarantee a three month paid internship or a tuition-free enrollment to a Saint Martin’s graduate program for a semester.

“We want to see everyone succeed here at Saint Martin’s,” Ann Adams, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development, said.

The Saints Promise program includes regular check-in’s with the Career Center staff, attendance at vocational, networking, resume and interview workshops, and the completion of an experiential learning experience, such as an internship. 

Although this program did start with freshmen, upperclassmen still have career resources available to them at any time in the Career Center. More information regarding the Saints Promise program or resources in the Career Center can be found at, or by emailing

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