The ‘Pandemmys’ mark return of celebrity award shows

Abigail Fuentes, Staff Writer

The Television Academy adapted to COVID-19 regulations with a virtual Emmy’s award show. Photo retrieved from

The 2020 Emmy Awards took place virtually online for the first time in history. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards from the Staples Center while actors and actresses awaited their results from the comfort of their own home and cardboard cutouts “sat” in the audience. What most say lacked “Hollywood Glamour,” was made up for in the utmost creative way. 

According to People Magazine, producers of the ceremony had set the dress code to “come as you are — but make an effort.” Due to the current world pandemic, there was no red carpet for celebrities to strut down and show off their evening attire.  This year, instead of the usual two-hour long red carpet event, ABC broadcasted Family Feud to fill the void of the missing part of the program. Both Giuliana Rancic and Vivica A. Fox had tested positive for COVID-19 before even planning what to replace the red carpet event with, so it was already a mess from the start. 

This year’s award show was a little different without an audience to give a reaction to Kimmel’s punchlines during his opening monologue, in which he told jokes about “having an awards show in the middle of a pandemic” during “this miserable year.” Kimmel then later admitted that the cheering audience was recycled footage from last year’s Emmys before going on about the safety procedures that were being taken. 

The Emmys couldn’t keep every celebrity away from the Staples Center. As Kimmel gave his speech, “Ozark” star, Jason Bateman, made an appearance among the cardboard cutout audience. Kimmel said, “you can stay but you have to laugh at my joke,” making Bateman reconsider his decision. It wasn’t as awkward when Bateman was accidentally announced as the winner for Guest Actor in a Drama Series. According to Buzzfeed, the title card flashed Ron Cephas Jones’ name but the announcer said, “Jason Bateman as Terry Maitland, The Outsider.” Luckily for Bateman he already won an Emmy in 2019 for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. 

On the flip side of the awkward mix up, Kimmel had some fun on stage. Amidst the pandemic, Kimmel wasn’t content with just wiping down the envelope with an antibacterial wipe so he opted to spray it down with Lysol and just for a double measure, he set it on fire. Lucky for him, Jennifer Anniston was on standby with a fire extinguisher. At least we know there were no germs on that envelope.

Along with many of the odd changes and moments during the awards show, there was no orchestra, but instead there was a DJ. The Emmy producers didn’t want to pack a bunch of mask-wearing musicians in a tight space so they opted to enlist the help of DJ D-Nice, to provide music and transitions throughout the show. The comedic bits with presenters felt a little awkward at times but D-Nice thankfully kept the show going and records spinning. 

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