LeBrons success leads to Lakers championship

Kierrla Yates, Staff Writer

LeBron James lead the Lakers to their 17th title in franchise history. Photo retrieved from Twitter.com

The 2020 National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals have come to an end. With the series ending at 4-2, the Los Angeles Lakers beat Miami Heat to win the championship title. It was hard to tell whether or not Miami had the heat to come back and beat the Lakers, especially after their point guard Goran Dragic went down in game one from an injury. However, much to the Lakers and the fans’ surprise, the NBA Finals was a relatively close competition. The 2020 Finals made some record setting feats such as the Lakers taking their 17th championship win, and Lebron James becoming the player with the second most championship wins, only to fall behind the legendary Michael Jordan. Both sides gave their all and played on despite the hardships this year has brought.

Looking over the score of the six games played in the Finals, in games one and two the Lakers dominated. In game one, the Heat struggled to compete and finished with a score of 98 while the Lakers took the win with 116. Game two was fairly similar, the Lakers won with 124 points while the Heat followed with 114. This did not look good; it can be an extreme challenge to find momentum after two hard losses. However, that was a challenge Miami decided to take in stride. Miami rose up and defeated the Lakers 115 to 104 in game three and even though they lost game four it was only a six-point difference. Miami again brought fire to the Lakers in game five and beat the Lakers 111-108. Unfortunately, despite Miami’s fiery efforts, the Lakers managed to fix some of their mistakes and defeated the Heat in the final game.

The 2020 win for the Lakers proved to be one for history. Within this game alone, the Lakers snatched their 17th championship in honor of Kobe Bryant, Lebron took home his 4th NBA Championship win. 

Lebron’s lead this championship series which gained him the title of the NBA Finals MVP. Despite this being Lebron’s 260th playoff game of his career, he still brought everything to the table. Lebron is in the number one spot for NBA postseason appearances. Game six was not just a successful game for the Lebron, but it was also a standout game for their point guard, Rajon Rondo. Rondo started the game with a fierce demeanor, finishing the game with 19 points and four rebounds, making him a key player in the Lakers success on Sunday night.

All and all, both teams had their ups and their downs in this championship season. The Lakers started out strong leading games one and two, but Miami came back to fight. However, the injury of their lead point guard and a few too many mistakes, helped the Lakers come out on top.

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