Seattle Seahawks Soar Through Week Five

Kierrla Yates, Staff Writer

Russell Wilson has guided the Seattle Seahawks to their first ever 5-0 start. Photo retrieved from

The National Football League (NFL) is heading into week six of the regular season, and amazing feats have already been achieved. Currently leading the National Football Conference (NFC) West is the Seattle Seahawks with a record of 5-0. Leading the NFC South is the New Orleans Saints with a record of 3-2 and leading the NFC East with a record of 2-3 is the Dallas Cowboys. The Green Bay Packers are currently leading the NFC North with a record of 4-0, putting them close behind the Seahawks. This week, the Seahawks, Chargers, Saints, and Raiders all have a bye week, while other teams are revving up for kickoff.

However, last Sunday, had fans been able to watch from the stands, there would have been another earthquake. Last Sunday night, the Seattle Seahawks played an intense game against the Minnesota Vikings, and barely swiped the win by one point. Not only was the game itself a cause for racing hearts and loud celebrations, but for the first time in franchise history the Seattle Seahawks are 5-0. After their last season, which to some may have felt like a season of good luck, the Seahawks were not predicted to have that same sort of success. According to Bill Barnwell of ESPN, the Seahawks were predicted to be one of the likeliest teams to decline in 2020. The biggest downfall of the Seahawks last year was their dismal defense, which hasn’t seen significant improvement this season. With these factors in mind, how has it been possible for the Seahawks to currently have the most wins in the NFL?

For Pete Carroll, the reason for their success comes down to a mentality that all the players are told to take to heart. It comes down to a, “really deep-seated belief that you can get it done.” Well, this may be true, much of their success is owed to their star Quarterback, Russell Wilson. Although he may be too humble to admit, the reason the Seahawks were so successful against Minnesota was because of his willingness to run the ball (even if he’d get sacked). Of course, his incredible field awareness, and his cheat code like throws played a large role, as well. In last Sunday’s game the Seahawks were down by one touchdown, with only about 15 seconds left in the game. On 4th and goal, it came down to Russell’s ability to complete a clutch throw to DK Metcalf.  The success of that pass was almost unreal, but the question now is will the Seahawks be able to maintain such a successful run? If they keep up their strong offensive drives and find a way to strengthen their defense, the Seahawks should find themselves contending for a Superbowl championship this year.

All teams are adjusting to playing in empty stadiums and working hard despite the complicated circumstances 2020 has presented the world. The biggest wish for this season in the NFL is that players stay healthy and that the season can play on, uninterrupted.

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