Faculty Spotlight: Ian Werrett, Ph. D.

Brianna Lopez, Staff Writer 

Ian Werrett, Ph.D. is a professor in religious studies here at Saint Martin’s University. Werrett completed his undergraduate work from Saint Martin’s, before earning a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University, and a doctorate in Biblical Studies from the University of St. Andrews.

Werrett is from San Jose, California. He moved around a lot as a kid, but when he reached Washington there was just something about this place that made him want to stay. Even after moving away from Washington for a bit, he found himself coming back. 

When asked about what inspired him to teach, Werrett stated that, “you get to be a student forever, and talk about fun stuff.” When he was younger, Werrett jumped from school to school. When coming to Washington, he stumbled across teachers that were inspiring. This really resonated with him as a human being because there was a sense of wanting to give what he had received as a student. As for why he chose to teach religious studies, it was because there are a variety of lessons one can come up with when teaching religion. 

Werrett believes that sometimes when people think about religious studies, they think about how strict religion can be rather than thinking about the creativity behind it. Religion is expressed in many ways, whether that be art, architecture or literature. To Werrett, there is just something exciting about the world with all these different religions and perspectives. The lessons behind the religions are also intriguing. 

Family is an important part of Werrett’s life. For Halloween, he and his partner are taking their two boys to a friend’s house to carve some pumpkins and get into the spirit. He will be dressing up as the Mandalorian and one of his boys will be dressing up as baby Yoda. Meanwhile his 8 year old son will be dressing up as a crash test dummy. 

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