Hummingbird studio provides a creative outlet for all

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer 

Hummingbird Studio in Olympia, Wash. is a safe space to have fun while creating art. The main goal of the studio is to create art and meet new people who share the same love and passion for the activity. 

The studio provides a safe space for those who have a heart for creating art, and are non-discriminant of their guests. With all art supplies provided, artwork is based on a specific theme that is slated for each session. The visiting artist receives the opportunity to create and express themselves according to the given theme.

Randi Miller, the program coordinator for Hummingbird Studio, stated: “We support adults with disabilities. We felt it was important to have a studio that included people of all abilities so we have some students and we have some seniors and we have other people from the community in addition to adults with disabilities that participate in the studio. The common denominator here is art, everybody that comes to the studio likes to do art.”

Anybody, from kids to seniors can visit a session and create. While the studio is typically open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for art sessions, with COVID-19 restrictions, Hummingbird Studio has had to move sessions online to Zoom. Despite not being able to offer in-person art sessions, the goal of the organization remains the same. 

 “The goal is to just provide a safe space for people to make art. We believe that art is critical to a healthy community. We think that everybody has artistic abilities, not everyone has had successful experiences with art. They might have been told in school that they’re not good at it, but I truly believe that everybody has something to contribute and everybody is creative,” said Amy Briggs, facilitator for Hummingbird Studio. 

Since the studio also serves adults who have disabilities, volunteers are needed to help with the programs that they host. Hummingbird Studio is open to college students to help serve and to create art. They have partnered with Saint Martin’s University to help with providing services to students, and to provide volunteer opportunities.

Those interested in creating art, donating or volunteering can visit the Hummingbird Studio website at

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