Andrea Shea helps students take steps toward the future

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

Before Andrea Shea became a Senior Academic Advisor, she worked in higher education in many different settings after graduating in 2006. Shea also worked in the fields of residential life as well as career and student employment, but wanted to work directly with students in their academic experiences.

Shea was hired in the Academic Advising position at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in 2013 and worked there for five years. After working for PLU, Shea left to get her Masters Degree in Science in Academic Advising from Kansas State University, before eventually being hired at Saint Martin’s. Shea really enjoys working here as an advisor because she can get to know the students well, and it can be rewarding to help students discover what they are passionate about. In addition, she enjoys helping students explore their academic interests and figure out what steps to take towards their future. 

Currently, Shea is a Senior Academic Advisor here at Saint Martin’s. In her position, she has many roles to fulfill. Shea works in the Advising Center on the lower level of the O’Grady Library in the Center for Student Success. As well as being a Senior Advisor, Shea works with other advisors from each major and advises students who have yet to decide on what they are studying. In addition to helping undecided majors, Shea assists students from other majors if their specific academic advisor has too many students to get to. 

The involvement of academic advisors is really important. When asked about how advisors are importantly involved in their students registration process, Shea said, “When students select courses they wish to take within Self-Service, they are added to the students shopping cart. Once students have all the courses they wish to take, they submit their shopping cart, and their advisor is notified. The advisor will then log into Self-Service, review the course, and if all looks good, the advisor approved the courses. As soon as the courses are approved, that is when the student is officially registered.” 

In the same way, the advising center organizes the advising and registration periods here on campus. However, Shea does lots of work helping students learn about their requirements and how to enroll for semester-long courses. Also, the advising center supports faculty advisors by providing records and information on their academic policies and courses that are out of the intended major for the students. Lastly, the advisors support students’ success through working or teaching different strategies. For example, the advisors help with time management, organization, and prioritization. On top of that, students learn different strategies to better their school life and metacognition through their college life. 

If you have questions about Self-Service or other academic resources, you can email Shea at There are videos about how to add classes to your shopping cart or how to register for classes on Saint Martin’s website under Advising Center.

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