Saint Martin’s University marks 125 years with virtual celebration

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer 

Hosts R.C. Smith and Kathleen Thomas celebrate a successful night of fundraising. Photo retrieved from

Saint Martin’s University was founded in 1893 by Bernard Locnikar. Starting out as a boys boarding school, Saint Martin’s progressed through the years, becoming the well known private intuition it is today. This year, in lieu of the annual gala, Saint Martin’s celebrated their 125th anniversary on Saturday, November 7th.

The event began with some testimonials of students and staff, alike. One student named Brittany Ramsey was selected for the 2020-2021 America’s Service Hero Scholarship. Joe Willaims, who is on chair the Board of Trustees, shared this announcement. During the virtual event, President Roy Hendrick started off the night thanking students and staff for their participation in the celebration, as well as for being a Saint.

The two emcees of the celebration were guest R.C. Smith and director of event services Kathleen Thomas. They both stated the importance of the celebration, as a way to help raise funds for student scholarships. Many participants donated money towards the program, including co-chairs Pat and Helen Ratz, who started off the donations with a gift of 10 thousand dollars. 

Throughout the celebration, students and staff shared what makes Saint Martin’s special to them, such as the resources provided as well as the connections that are made among the community. Many other staff members or former students made more donations and students shared more of their favorite memories at Saint Martin’s. 

The two hosts had then thanked the sponsors who had helped support the celebration. In the end, the hosts had totaled the donations that were given throughout the show, and ended up having 1.4 million dollars. Thomas talked about next year’s gala, which is on Nov. 6. In recognition of Saint Martin’s Heritage, the gala will have a French theme and be hosted by chefs Jacques and Claudine Pepin.

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