New Career Tools

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer

Career Tools Courtesy of Ann Adams

As many of us know,  Saint Martin’s Career Center has been working hard these past few months to help students with preparing to enter the workforce. We had a Virtual Career Fair this past fall, and now the emergence of new opportunities with the creation of the Career Center Program: Saint’s Promise.

Director of the Career Center Ann Adams and Assistant Director Alyssa Nastasi are bursting with excitement about the new opportunities that the Career Center can provide for students. With the first cohort of Saint’s Promise all signed up, opportunities are rolling out from the Center. Previously the Career Center had a program called Saints Have a Plan and this focused on the student’s senior year. When the Career Center was looking to evolve, they found something. “We learned of two universities that were promoting a ‘guarantee’ of successful outcome,” Ms. Adams stated. “We interviewed the staff and decided to model our program on one that has had a 20-year record of success.” This new program will help the student from first year all the way through senior year. 

The Career Center’s Saint’s Promise program received a grant from NetVUE. Ms. Adams said, “NetVUE is an acronym for Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education and is part of the Council of Independent Colleges of which Saint Martin’s University is a member.” This grant also allows for opportunities to be pursued that otherwise would have been off the table. Ms. Adams spoke on what the grant funds, “a critical element of this grant is funding for students to complete unpaid opportunities.” Thurston County has a wealth of internship opportunities but not a lot of paying ones, and many people cannot afford to spend their time doing work unpaid. As a result , the stipends aim to provide equity for students.

Being a part of the Saint’s Promise program and interacting with the Career Center presents many opportunities and events for growth. One such event is a Vocational Discernment workshop. “Vocation is so much more than career, vocation is lifelong; it is what we are called to do.”  Ms. Adams stated, “Vocational Discernment is looking deeper at our values, talents, and interests and how they shape choices of career paths, not just immediately after graduation, but perhaps later in life.” The Career Center will have resources for this in the future. 

Other exciting events that the Career Center is working on are Career Treks. Career Treks are  trips to individual workplaces for tours of their premises. This year, they will be virtual and in partnership with other universities. Like the Career Fair, the Career Center can now offer even more resources because you can access all this from the comfort of your desk!

Adams shared her delight with this first Cohort for Saint’s promise. “We have just enrolled our first cohort of 65 students.” The Saint’s Promise will have at least one informational interview within their first year to start building a network. More good news, the Career Center just hired two Internship Navigators who will help students in getting required experimental education. This could look like an internship, job shadow, or other forms of work experience. 

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