Students Return to Class

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

Saints have many of the opportunities that life on campus offers even with the precautions that the university has implemented. 

Since much of the student body came back to school a couple of weeks ago, we all have had a difficult start trying to get into new routines. During the first week, we started to get into the flow of school via in-person classes and online classes over zoom. Some have had to wake up to go to early morning practices in the gym or go on the field to train with their teams. In addition to this, many students also work for the school through work study or jobs that get more involved with campus life. 

As usual, students have been going in and out of classrooms, dorms, and other buildings where there are lots of people in sight. During the week campus is super lively because of classes, sports training or games, extracurriculars and clubs. The interaction helps keep the students engaged and active in the community, but at the same time, the school is taking safety precautions to help keep everyone safe.

Planning this semester has been contradictory because it’s hard to be involved with life on campus alongside following the guidelines to make sure that everyone stays healthy. As of right now, to get more students involved, Campus Life organizers are holding an Involvement Fair, Military Awards and nominations for Homecoming. All of these events will be taking place within the next few weeks. The Involvement Fair will introduce students to clubs to join and ways to learn about internships that can lead to better career opportunities. 

Students have ample social, athletic, and academic opportunities here, even though times have changed because of COVID. The university is trying to make sure these events and social gatherings are as safe as possible. 

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