COVID-19 Vaccine: Thoughts from students

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 vaccine has been distributed by various companies. Some of these companies are Moderna, CanSino Biologics, Sinovac, Johnson & Johnson and more. Many people around the country have already been receiving the vaccine because they are either first responders, front-line workers, or the elderly. Others within the community have also been very skeptical about getting a vaccine due to the varying reactions between vaccine recipients and the reliability of different companies. “The vaccine is fairly new, and it was developed quickly, so there is always some concern about potential side effects,” said junior Clara Sodon “But if the vaccine is effective, then hopefully that means we can get back to normal (or something that resembles it) sooner.”

It really depends on the person and how they feel about the vaccine itself. “So I’ve been contemplating it even though I’m not an anti-vax person. I have worked clinical and volunteer shifts and know the importance of vaccines as they require us to get it [pre-COVID-19]. I believe that the right thing to do is get [the vaccine] and through Door Dashing and Saint Alphonsus, I have been offered the vaccine. I think that information on the COVID-19 vaccine is hidden, too hidden, and many people don’t know where to go and what government officials to trust based on how 2020 was run. All in all, I think it’s crazy that people would be scared of a small sequence of mRNA, when the actual coronavirus injects an entire mRNA genome into your body that could wreak more havoc. I believe it’s just all access to information and truthful information”, stated Erin Luong SMU C/O  2024.

Here on campus, the school board and many other members are working very hard to make sure our community is safe and well. Katelynn Gulley SMU C/O 22’ mentioned, “I think we should all get it. Though produced quickly it underwent the proper methods of testing and study. It is our best chance at getting back to normal.” As mentioned at the beginning of the article, frontline workers like the faculty and staff here on campus, as well as some healthcare students, are getting or have already gotten their vaccines. Ending on this last note, “As a healthcare worker, having the vaccine will help those in the facility to be at ease. I plan to get the vaccine this month actually! It is a scary thing. No one has had the vaccine for over 8 months yet but who knows what the long-term effects could be. There are some possible short-term effects such as  fevers or fatigue but I believe I’m taking the vaccine just to help soothe my patients. Every vaccine is a gamble. This is a good opportunity for me to take and knowing I’m a part of such history excites me.” stated an anonymous SMU Student.

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