Russell Wilson is Not Going Anywhere… For Now

Brody Sodon, Staff Writer

Frustration seems to be a growing theme for the Seattle Seahawks. Since 2017, the Seahawks have gone 9-7, 10-6, 11-5, and most recently, 12-4 to finish the 2020 season. Surely, the Seahawks should be an elite team and are the closest team in the NFC to rivaling the New England Patriots in wins per season, but for some reason have translated this success into the postseason. In the last three years, the Seahawks have managed just one postseason win.

Despite room for optimism, every Seahawks fan’s worst nightmare appeared to come true just a few weeks ago. After an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Russell Wilson expressed his dissatisfaction with the team, showing his desire for the Seattle Seahawks to give him more input on personnel decisions in both free-agent signings and the draft, such as how Tom Brady has been treated by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I do not think there is much to worry about for Russell Wilson fans and Seahawks fans alike. Not only did the Seattle Seahawks issue a statement that they have no interest in trading Wilson away, but Wilson also has a no-trade clause in his contract, meaning that even if the Seahawks front office did decide to trade him away, Wilson would have the power to veto the decision. The final reason why Seahawks fans should not worry about a potential Wilson trade is that these rumors come up just about every year, yet he is still on the team. For example, there were rumors that the Seattle Seahawks would trade Russell Wilson to the Cleveland Browns before the 2018 NFL draft in exchange for multiple draft picks, allowing the Seahawks to draft Baker Mayfield first-overall as Wilson’s replacement. If the Seahawks would not make the trade then, it is highly unlikely they will now be given similar offers. 

In the week after the Superbowl Nick Wright on Fox Sports One (FS1) proposed a hypothetical trade between the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Houston Texans, and San Francisco 49ers (attached image). While on paper all teams would get better from this proposed trade, it is unlikely that New York or Seattle would accept it. 

Even though New York would receive a huge upgrade at quarterback, they would be sacrificing three first-round picks and a second-round pick. The Jets already dealt Jamal Adams to the Seahawks in the 2020 offseason in return for what some Seahawks fans described as, “all of the draft picks in the world.” The Jets are in a position to draft a generational talent at quarterback in either Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence, and have too many glaring holes in their roster to trade away so many high-value draft picks for an upgrade at quarterback that they would be getting regardless.

In addition to that, the Seattle Seahawks likely would not accept the trade either as they have significant cap space problems that will only be worse if they trade away Wilson. Some of the most important players on the Seahawks in K.J. Wright, Chris Carson, Shaquille Griffin and Tyler Lockett are all free agents heading into the offseason. The Seahawks already enter the offseason with a mere $6 million in cap space and are more than likely to not re-sign Chris Carson, so it would be unwise to invest in an expensive defensive end with the lack of depth in the Seattle backfield. 

The Seattle Seahawks may be intrigued by the offers they received in trade deals for Russell Wilson, but with the difficult cap space situation coming up the Seattle Seahawks have seemingly decided to keep Russell Wilson for the 2021-2022 season.

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