Baseball and Softball: The Scoreboard So Far

Brody Sodon, Staff Writer

The Saint Martin’s University Men’s Baseball team sits at a 3-3 record as of March 10, 2021. The Saints’ season started on February 26, with a doubleheader at home against Central Washington University. The Saints lost 8-10 but came back to win their second game 6-4. The very next day the Saints traveled east to take on Central Washington for two more games, winning the first one 13-11 but losing the next 3-4.

The next week the Saints traveled to Western Oregon University and won their first game 7-6 but were blown out later in the day by a score of 2-18. The Saints will have a four-game series against Montana State University-Billings, taking place from March 19 through March 20. The Montana State Hornets currently sit at an 0-8 record but play a four-game series against Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) this week. That means there is a chance that NNU could get hot on a winning streak and should not be overlooked.

Statistically, Dakota Hill leads the Saints in batting average (AVG), with an AVG of .600, earning three runs on three hits in five at bats. The next best batter on the team statistically is Reid Little, with an AVG of .500, earning himself two runs on three hits in six at bats. Some other notable names at bat are Braeden McNally, Cody Chavis, Aaron Renaud, Cody Isa, and Chayson Dulatre, who have all posted a batting average of .300 or better.

Finnley Butler pitched one inning and allowed two hits, but no runs and currently holds the lowest ERA for the Saints at just .000. It is important to note that Butler’s ERA is likely to change as he pitches more innings. The best pitcher out of anyone who has pitched for five or more innings is Justice Yamashita, who has earned an incredible 1.50 ERA through six innings.

The SMU Softball team is a different story, however. Softball holds a 7-1 record on a five-game winning streak. They kicked off their season on February 20, with a doubleheader against Pacific University. On February 27, the Saints hosted Whitworth University and lost their first game of the series but won the next three games in convincing fashion. Most recently, the Saints defeated Montana State-Billings twice on March 6th before having the next two games rained out the following day.

Softball has scored an incredible 50 points while only giving up 22. The Saints play their next two games at Western Washington University on March 12. This should be a close matchup, as Western holds an impressive 6-2 record of their own while on a three-game win streak. Interestingly enough, the Vikings have scored 70 points, while giving up only 27. With two close games to Central Washington being the outlier, the Vikings have so far either won in a landslide or lost in an embarrassing fashion. Expect the four-game series between the Saints and the Vikings to be split, with each game being a blowout.

The Saints have been excellent at bat this season, Megan Convery leading the way with a .615 AVG earning herself seven runs on eight hits in only 13 at bats. Olivia Schmidt has been excellent as well, with a .438 AVG, although she has only earned one run on seven hits with sixteen at bats. Britney Patrick leads the team in runs with 10 while also posting an AVG of .393. Destiny Conerly, Kylee Vanderbout and Julia Lucas round out the over-.300 club.

In pitching, Tia Ridings has been dominant, giving up an insane 1.05 ERA while playing 20 innings. Abby Runyon has been excellent as well giving up a 2.25 ERA while playing 28 innings.

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