No Kitchen? No Problem

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer

With just a microwave to cook, students living in their dorms have to get creative in finding ways to make food. Many students will go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, but if they are low on funds, or not interested in what the cafeteria is serving, students usually find themselves making food in their dorms. 

All dorm rooms come with a mini-fridge and a microwave, so students have a place to store their food and warm it up, but it does limit what they can cook. Some make up for this by bringing items such as Keurigs, rice cookers, electric kettles, and other small appliances. This gives them more food options that they can cook in their dorm. With a Keurig, they can make coffee and tea at a price that is cheaper than buying from drink stands. Using a rice cooker to change up that normal ramen packet could make all the difference.

With more small appliances, students are able to find different ways to cook food to save money. Reine Albite, a sophomore, and her two suitemates, Taylor Clodfelder and Katherine Jamerson use the Keurig and the microwave to cook. “We use it to cook ramen and hot pockets. Taylor also likes to use the Keurig for tea and hot water,” Albite said. 

Other students, like Noah Simons, are able to find ways to cook food with the materials that they have. “I usually only eat spam, eggs, and rice whenever I’m low on funds and I do not want to go to the cafeteria,” he said. “I cook the rice in a cooker I keep here with all my other utensils inside. If I need some pots or pans, I’ll use the ones that are left in the kitchen in Spangler and clean it after.” 

While most of us do not have our own kitchens, we do have access to the community kitchens in the dorms. By doing this, students are able to cook food that requires a stove, like eggs or spam. The community kitchens also allow students to cook with their friends. Each dorm hall has a community kitchen where people are able to cook for themselves. This gives them more opportunities to hang out with friends or take a break from studying. It also allows students the opportunity to socialize and meet new people, since all campus residents can use the community kitchen.    

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