Students Plans After COVID

Tinsae Shifreaw, Staff Writer

During this pandemic, many fun activities that allowed interaction were canceled, such as concerts, amusement parks and common hangout areas, so that state and federal governments can slow and stop the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Thankfully, vaccine research and distribution to the population has begun. With the state re-opening and moving to Phase Three, many places and businesses are starting to open up, allowing the businesses to host at 50 percent capacity, and allowing more freedom for citizens to participate in different, yet still limited activities. Though the state is opening up, it is a long process, with us backtracking when there is a high spike in cases across the state and taking a slow approach to opening. With this information, “what is the first thing you would do after COVID is over and safe to go around and attend the many different activities once unavailable?”  This question was asked to students, allowing them to consider what they may do after our long quarantine is over. Max Turner, a junior at Saint Martin’s University, said, “probably go somewhere crowded and just relax”. Something many people miss. Others responded the same, saying how they want to walk around without masks, enjoying the fresh air and hanging out with their friends in public places like the mall or something like the Puyallup State Fair. Freshman Ja’Tarya Hoskins says that she would go to a concert or festival with her friends, dancing and singing to the lyrics of the different songs, losing their voices over the loud beats. 

Many do plan on traveling to other states or countries, feeling the need to travel as the warm weather creeps in, kicking the cold weather of winter out, and missing the adventures in different and new places. However, some students do not have a plan, still waiting for it to officially be safe to have fun. Sophomore Asma Ibrahim had that thought when asked the question. “I haven’t thought that far ahead because it became a way of living that if I go to crowded areas now, it doesn’t feel right”. With life slowly getting back to normal, many feel the awkwardness of life  before the pandemic and before the quarantine, especially in crowded places like malls and parks. Those with high-risk family members and are attending classes online may soon be able to safely attend classes in person. They are going to be able to experience the college life that many have been hoping to witness by attending the different activities available. With the college experience in mind, different activities for classes or even just part of campus life can actually take place, allowing for bigger events, like potlucks or even dances that many have heard occurred during the previous years of many upperclassmen who attend Saint Martin’s University. 

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