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Winstead has big plans for sabbatical

Kaitlin Cunningham, Staff Writer    Professor Teresa Winstead, Ph.D., will be on sabbatical at the end of this semester to pursue research projects. A sabbatical grants professors time off so they can conduct research projects that coincide with their academic discipline. This allows them time to step away from the demands of instruction in order to engage in research they

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What students have to say about Zoom

Mary Seiner, Staff Writer   Zoom, like any online learning module, has its pros and cons. For a student body that was not prepared to learn at home with their families, Zoom incites various opinions about its applicability in a professor’s online curriculum.  Zoom presents students with some normality in an otherwise unconventional situation. As students are stuck in a

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Last call for withdrawal

Colin Rivera, Staff Writer   With the closing of Saint Martin’s campus and classes moving online, some important policies have been changed to help students adjust to the new settings. These changes have to do with the ways that students can have their classes graded. At the end of March, Cindy Juarez, the Saint Martin’s registrar, sent out an email

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Karen Blair comes to SMU to discuss women’s suffrage

Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer    In commemoration of Women’s History Month and the centennial anniversary of women winning the right to vote in the U.S., Saint Martin’s University welcomed Karen Blair, Ph.D.,  History Professor Emeritus at Central Washington University, to speak. The departments of History, Political Science, and Gender and Identity Studies co-hosted the event.   Blair’s lecture and discussion titled,

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Freshman founds Beekeeping Club

Grace Gillespie, Staff Writer   Saint Martin’s University now has its first ever beekeeping club. The club began this year, after it was started by freshman Carly James, a nursing major, who has a fondness for bees. Bees are a necessity for the environment, and teaching the community how to care for them can create sustainability for plants and crops.

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Immersion in Texas 

Prya Oliveira, Staff Writer   During spring break, Saint Martin’s University gave students the opportunity to go on an immersion trip to McAllen, Texas. Here, students volunteered their time to serve a community other than their own. Jessica Andres, a Saint Martin’s junior, talked to The Belltower about the trip and highlighted the impact and importance of the trip.  When

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