Act Six: Cadre 3

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer A scholarship program called Act Six that focuses on social justice and connecting faith-based colleges is continuing to grow on campus. This program provides a full-need scholarship for students who receive it. “We were approached by Act Six and Trinity Education Foundation to see if we might want to work with

AHANA Mentor Applications

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer Saint Martin’s University is known to have many exciting clubs and programs. Many of these clubs offer students leadership roles as well. If students are interested in a leadership program, they may become an AHANA mentor.  John Hopkins, Ph.D., who is in charge of the AHANA Mentor applications, gives insight as

Getting Ready for Finals

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer  As every student knows and may be panicking about, finals are soon approaching. This means that learning how to study and getting out your flashcards and favorite BIC pens is more important now than ever. For some, it is time for them to find their favorite methods of studying or favorite

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review

Tinsae Shifreaw, Staff Writer For those of us who are comic book fans, we are familiar with Marvel, the company who has given us heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther. Marvel is also known for its cinematic universe, the 23 films that all come together in their latest movie Avengers: Endgame which

Traditional Events Missed by New Students

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer The COVID-19 pandemic has put a restraint on a number of traditional events usually held by Saint Martin’s University. This has caused all freshmen and new students in the 2020-2021 school year to miss out on potential activities. To begin, Director of Campus Life Alexis Nelson stated that the events that

What Music Do SMU Students Listen to?

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer With so many different genres and artists, there is music that can suit everyone’s personality and lifestyle. There are many students at Saint Martin’s University, so a variety of music can be expected. For some students, listening to music while they are studying, hanging out with friends, doing some laundry, or

What to do on a Rainy Day

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer  As the saying goes, “Spring showers bring May flowers”. While that might be true, that leaves the question of what to do during those Spring showers.  How do you make the best of a rainy day that may leave you stuck inside? For students who are looking for ideas on what


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