Our Common Home Farms: A Helping Hand to the Community

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer  Our Common Home Farms is a project of Saint Martin’s University that specializes in creating quality produce with a wide variety of options, as well as selections that are commonly donated or offered up to people who need them. Volunteering at Our Common House Farms is a great way for students to explore volunteer and service

Lattin’s Cider Mill: Local fun for fall

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer Now that fall is finally here, everyone is looking for things to do to celebrate the season. Exploring the local area is a pastime of many college students. One local attraction available to the public, and a great source of fun, is Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm located in Olympia. Lattin’s Cider Mill has multiple

City of Olympia hosts semi-annual Arts Walk

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer Every October in downtown Olympia, many people gather to celebrate various arts. The Arts Walk event is usually a physical two-day event, but due to COVID-19, the City of Olympia is offering virtual and in-person viewing this year. The Arts Walk is going to take place throughout  October, which helps you access virtual performances and events,

Saint Martin’s Career Center hosts virtual career fair

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer Saint Martin’s Career Center is a must-see location here on campus. The center is there for those who need someone to review their resume or to offer job advice. The Career Center staff encourages students to go to Career Fairs, etiquette dinners, or to arrange mock interviews while they are enrolled as undergraduate students.  A piece

The ‘Pandemmys’ mark return of celebrity award shows

Abigail Fuentes, Staff Writer The 2020 Emmy Awards took place virtually online for the first time in history. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards from the Staples Center while actors and actresses awaited their results from the comfort of their own home and cardboard cutouts “sat” in the audience. What most say lacked “Hollywood Glamour,” was made up for in the

Stress, stress, and more stress

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer What do students feel during midterms? What do students feel when starting college for the first time? What has everyone been feeling throughout this pandemic? Stress, stress, and more stress. Everyone knows that sweaty-palm, rapid heart rate, and shaky-bone feeling that is associated with stress. Everyone knows about restless nights and hard-to-focus days because the mind

Saints Promise program launches for first-year students

Abigail Fuentes, Staff Writer Saint Martin’s University’s Career Center staff started a new program this year called Saints Promise. The program is a promise of a successful outcome from a Saint Martin’s University education to students who invest in their career planning. The program started in the fall of 2020 with incoming freshmen as the first class that gets to


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