Channel Chasers

Jalen Penn Staff Writer

It was brought up in a recent ASSMU meeting that the cable service has been anything but great this year. But the lack of communication with the maintenance staff seems to be the principle reason of why nothing has been done.

“I didn’t know people have been complaining about the cable service; I would be glad to fix the problem if there is one,” explains Alan Tyler, Director of Facilities.

This year Saint Martin’s changed the cable provider to DirecTV which involves satellite dishes as the principle means of connection, but that caused some problems during lightning storms in the fall. The lightning storms this year caused the cable service to go out as well as many of the other electronics on campus.

“If there is a weather predicament like the lighting storms, it alters the connection a bit, but it is definitely fixable,” Tyler says. “That’s the only problem I have gotten all year about the cable connection. Since then I thought everything was running smoothly.”

Tyler also explains that they have special tools to check the connection that they use often, and each time they use it the results come back showing no problems.

“We also pay the satellite provider to tell us about any accessing problems so we can correct it on the spot, and we haven’t heard anything from them recently,” Continues Tyler

That means the people in SMU’s maintenance department, as Tyler says, have been unaware that residence hall students were upset with their service, and unless they hear from the students about what is wrong, they cannot do anything about it.

“At this point we need more information before we can take necessary action to correct the server,” concludes Tyler.

The maintenance crew needs more communication before any steps can be taken, so if there are problems, be sure to report them.

If you have questions or comments about the cable service or to report an issue, contact your RA or go online to and fill out a work order.

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