Frisbee Golf One Step Closer

Joey Keeton Staff Writer

Saint Martin’s has always been growing with the addition of more buildings, more activities and more events. Thanks to Orion Desilets, Maintenance and Operations Assistant for Conference Services, SMU is on the path to have a newly installed Frisbee golf course very soon.

Back in 2009 the idea came up, but was dismissed because of funding. Now, plans have been brought back and layouts have been made to construct one, and soon. The idea was re-vamped because Bob Grisham, Director of Athletics, brought up the idea again with Dean of Students, Melanie Richardson, and Director of Campus Life, Ginny-Beth Joiner, to have it installed.

The plans changed slightly when the layout interfered with other building plans, and had to be redone. The layout of the course is in the third, and hopefully final, stage. Construction is planned to begin in about month. The course will begin in the field behind the Engineering Building, and go across the street to the fields by the ponds. Hopefully it will be completed soon for all students to use and enjoy!

UPDATE: The Frisbee Golf course has been installed! Maps of the course are available in the Rec Center and in the Campus Life office. Frisbee Golf sets are also available for check out in the Campus Life Office in the TUB.

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