Scholar’s Day showcases students’ talents

Cassidy Choi Staff Writer

Every year, Saint Martin’s University hosts Scholar’s Day for students to showcase their research for the community.  With growing popularity for Scholar’s Day, students are adamant about presenting their findings.  The range of topics is endless with each presenter knowledgeable and professional in his or her field.

While some of the participants spent an entire semester, or even year, preparing for the presentations, others decided to apply last minute.

After a strong presentation in their business class about Boeing’s 787, Alexander Boedigheimer, Andy DeLuc, and Ryan Mortenson were asked to present their findings at Scholar’s Day.  The group had their presentation and research completed from the fall semester.  “Our original presentation was about a half an hour, so cutting back the content was a bit of a challenge.  We were able to cut it down to about 18 minutes to fit into the time slot,” divulged Mortenson.

Jesse Mailhot, whose topic was comparing Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” to the film “Ghost in the Shell,” had not planned on presenting his research paper at Scholar’s Day.

“I really did not have any expectations for Scholar’s Day.  Applying to present was an option, and Father Pratt strongly urged that I do so,” Mailhot explained.

Before his presentation, he admitted to being a little nervous but assured that he was prepared.

Despite the nerves, each student should be proud of his or her accomplishments. From the surface reaction between watercolor pigment and table salt on watercolor paper to rehearsal for reality and sexual harassment, Scholar’s Day provides a variety of different subject matters to spark everyone’s interest.

A congratulations to all of the presenters for the 2013 Scholar’s Day: Kerry Wood, Amber Zawislak, Stephen Osborne, Elizabeth Wrazien, Alexander Setuckmarie, E. Lee Brewer, Ben Norton, Ben Price, Mary Ybarra, Crystal Maria, Jesse Mailhot, Janey Schell, Arsheena Hussein, Joseph Patti, Amy Pollard, Ebony Utley, Sarah Bunn, Cody Gilomen, Dylan Gaydosh, Beau Neilson, John Smigaj, Benjamin Waters, Kristopher Wells, Matthew Huff, Darren Popkins, David Lawrence, HuuQuyen Le, Michael Rogers, Megan Richardson, Christopher Henry, Jessica Hegoas, Justin Kover, Cory Bassi, Tetsuya Yonetsu, Daniel Mast, Patrick Carroll, Travis Bleich, Katrina Tuengel, Rebeka Santos, David Eki, Veronica Martin, Allison Myers, Olivia Baumgartner, Annabel Warnell, Josiah Dailey, Bryden Solonar, Andy DeLuc, Ryan Mortenson, Alexander Boedigheimer, Ashley Llapitan, Rikki Bland, Kesey Windust, Tyler Whitworth, Jared Teer, Betty Ramirez, Timothy Templin, Naomi Meckes, Joshua Roblee, Abigail Fulton, Chris Sadac, Clint Hyde.

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