Showcasing talent and supporting service

Ty Skirmont Staff Writer

The room bustled with the musicians walking around singing songs of hope, love and positivity – or of praise. The concert focused on the light of hope and helping others, showcasing the talents of student musicians led by Darrell Born, Brad Schrandt, and Phil Lawson. A combined effort of SMU’s Music Department, Campus Ministry, and Service Immersion Programs, this annual concert is a way for Campus Ministry to raise funds by accepting donations and selling coffee to bolster future service trips.

Susan Leyster and junior Shalaya Sanders spoke about the Yakima Service Trip they took this year.  The concert gave them the opportunity to spread the word of the work that is done by the service trips which involved large numbers of student volunteers.

The concert lasted two hours and showed off the talents of the SMU Chorale, the SMU Jazz Band, as well as the SMU Pep Band, and a guitar ensemble, not to mention the many solos from different students. Among the unique performances by student soloists were Sierra Steinbrecher singing “How I Am” from “Little Women,” Grace Caruso singing “You are the Moon” by Hush Sound, and Jesse Lamp’s rendition of “Shema Israel” (translated title: When the Heart Cries Out) by Sarit Hadad. Other soloists included Sophia Donan, Susannah Faherty, Paul Duncan, Micah Corey, Bailey Cammann, Rachel McCoy, David Ward, Valerie Smith, Amy Anderson, Brandon Drye, and Haani Metra.

The concert gave a sense of hope for many of those who came to view the performance.

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