Psychology Club brings together students under common field of study

Breanna Brink, Staff Writer


Community is an important value for most colleges; one way to achieve that within Saint Martin’s University is through the easy-to-join club life. Club activities and opportunities are important to highlight on campus so that students can form social groups and potentially make new friends. Clubs are also an excellent way to network, help the community around you, and educate others about your field of study. With this in mind, the psychology club has started for the year and is a great opportunity for psychology majors or minors to meet others within their field. However, this club is not exclusive to just members of the psychology program–anyone with an interest in the field is welcome to join or pay a visit.  

Hosted the first Thursday of every month, Psychology Club meets in Harned Hall, Room 115 at 12 p.m. Here students can meet and begin planning the organization of study groups, as well as make friends within their own major. Students can learn about the potential of adding a psychology minor to their college plans, or spice up a resume while taking interesting and relevant courses about our rapidly changing world.

As Psychology Club President Dana Henry stated in an interview, “Psych Club’s goal is to bring together the psych majors and minors at Saint Martin’s and help improve communication between students. We hope to give valuable information about things such as grad school, internships, or CV’s and have it readily available for all students who need it. We want all students to have the tools and information to be successful as a SMU psych student!” This solid goal will help the club dispel discrepancies about their field, as well as encourage others to engage in self-help methods.

When asked about any important upcoming events, Henry stated “for this semester we plan to host the Grad School Forum on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at noon and Thursday, November 16 at 6pm.” This program is designed to help psychology students figure out how to apply for graduate school and to ask any questions they have about college recommendations, how to write an application, and of course what potential fields there are beyond these four years.

Henry also discussed a few of the club’s other plans for its current and future members, “Other than the Grad School Forum, we are planning on showing the movie “Split” near the beginning of December.” This film is a psychological thriller, revolving around the ideas of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a widely popular discussion topic among those in the psychology field. While the film is dramatized, it may raise interesting questions about how to survive assault, as well as the validity of DID as a struggle people may face in their daily lives.

Currently, the Psychology Club is figuring out how best to organize its future study groups and  work with professors and fellow students in order to strengthen bonds and increase productivity. Students should soon look forward to seeing more of the club, with potential fundraisers, events, and more movies to come in the near future.


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