Seniors share mixed emotions as graduation approaches

Jessilyn Dagum, Staff Writer


Sixty-eight days. That’s how many days are left until Saint Martin’s University’s graduation day. Only sixty-eight days. For some, that’s quite a long time, but to many of those graduating on May 12, 2018, it seems like tomorrow.

Senior year can be a very exciting and a very stressful time for college students. While some seniors have finished their graduation requirements early on, others are taking a full credit load to meet them. While some seniors begin internships and different career paths, others are beginning the post-graduate search for work. Nevertheless, the world seems to pose the same classic questions regardless of the individual: What are you going to do after graduation? What are your plans? Where do you want to work?

As the countdown to graduation nears, an array of mix feelings arise from Saint Martin’s class of 2018. Here’s what some of them had to say about the approaching commencement ceremony and, their plans for the future:

Victoria Nunez, psychology and social work major:

Q: How do you feel about graduation being right around the corner?

A:“I feel the strangest combination of excitement and pure terror when I think of graduating college in May.”

Q: What are your plans for after graduation?

A: “Immediately after graduation, I will be traveling around Southern Asia with some friends to celebrate, and then I will be relocating to whatever graduate school I pick. I will be getting my master’s in social work, whether that be staying in Washington or starting over in Denver, Colo.”

Daniel Merlino, communications major:

Q: How do you feel about graduation being right around the corner?

A: “I’m stoked that graduation is around the corner, because it means this chapter of my life is closing and it’s long overdue. I’ll miss my friends, but we have social media for that.”

Q: What are your plans for after graduation?

A: “I was offered a full time position at a national home builder. I’m ecstatic about it because I have a career lined up before graduation. However, I’ll be taking my LSAT and my GRE in the fall to continue my education.”

Alana Llacuna, social work major:

Q: How do you feel about graduation being right around the corner?

A: As graduation comes around the corner, I feel really nervous to be a full-fledged member of society, relieved, because I’ll be done with school, sad, because you’ll never get that same college environment where you enjoy coffee dates with friends. Also really excited that I get to be in this generation that will make an impact on our country.

Q: What are your plans for after graduation?

“After graduation, I plan to work in my field for a year with homeless families or do macro work where I take action on our state’s policies. Then, go back to grad school in Hawaii to further my education so that I can be able to work with people back home and hopefully partake in the process to one day relieve and/or end the chronic homelessness in Honolulu.”

Whether it is traveling around the world, starting graduate school, or beginning a career, at Saint Martin’s University there seems to be a bright future ahead for our seniors. Arguably, this is because of the amazing guidance and resources our university offers, including programs and events such as Saints Have A Plan, Saint4Hire, as well as the school’s annual career fairs. This year’s Career and Internship fair will be held on April 18, 2018. Additional information for seniors, or those eager to start planning their post-graduate careers, can be found through the College and Career Center at

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