Editor’s note

Dear loyal readers,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy, post-mid-term and pre-final schedules to pick up a copy of The Belltower. We at the Belltower take great pride in our work of producing a newspaper that explains and comments on our shared experience as Saint Martin’s students. We hope that our hard journalistic work both entertains and informs you as you dive into this stunning issue that we have produced.

Our paper is good because we encourage involvement from the student body, or to put it more directly, you. We take your ideas, your experiences and your opinions, and consolidate them into a publication that we hope is as fulfilling for you as it is for us. We always want to hear from you. Look us up on Facebook, write a letter to the editor, or submit your questions to our Ask Kianna column.

In this issue we cover a wide variety of important and pressing issues. In news, we cover historical events such as the anniversary of the Nisqually earthquake to international events like the Italian general election. In features, we cover important events that affect you as a student, such as a piece on what Greek life used to be at Saint Martin’s and the death of our beloved baseball coach, Ken Garland. In sports, we cover professional sports events such as Russel Wilson’s offseason adventure with the Yankees to interesting pieces on the men’s basketball team.

That’s all for now. Keep talking and we will keep listening,

Brian Messing

News and Lifestyles Editor

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