Hope Concert raises money for upcoming immersion trip

Hannah Gabel, Staff Writer


The Hope Concert and connected talent show has been a regular tradition in the Saint Martin’s music community. Not only does this concert allow students an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, but it also raises money through  donations to send groups of students on immersion trips around Washington or to nearby states to perform community service.

The concert was held in the gym of the Marcus Pavilion on the night of March 7, starting at 7:30 p.m. The concert started out with a few soloist pieces, including a bagpipe solo by John Sommer. The night was mixed with a variety of full choir performances and individual solo artists. A four-person jazz band consisting of Austin Miller, Nathan Williams, Nicholas Terwilliger, and Tyler R. Williams played back-to-back pieces before leading into another solo performance. The concert ended around 9:00 p.m., before allowing students to mingle and interact with friends, family, and other audience members.

The program was free to attend, but donations were appreciated. The donations are put toward funding trips for the students, taking them to various locations to serve the community and give back to those in need. These immersion trips have been a fairly regular Saint Martin’s tradition to allow students a chance to get experience as well as connect with other people and organizations.

Previous immersion trips have taken students to Portland to work in a community kitchen, giving students a chance to connect with others, hear important stories, and provide community service and to help those in need. This upcoming trip has plans to travel with a group of students to Yakima to help work with migrant farmers and the Justice Department in that area. Student and choir member, Jennifer Walker, went on this trip a few years ago. She says, “We met so many great people overall and got to learn about sociological and economical injustice. I’m happy to raise money for the next group of people that get to go.” Walker performed a solo in the concert, singing “This is the Stuff” by Francesca Battistelli.

Michael Dominguez, another soloist, talked about his experience on the previous Portland immersion trips. “It was a great experience to get to know these people and get to know them and just relate to them. You’re not just driving past them in your car, you’re able to sit down and talk with them.” He enjoyed going on the trip in the past and thought it was a great experience for students. He performed “When I’m With You” by Ben Rector toward the end of the show.

The students felt proud of their performances and were pleased with the concert. The night was a success and students were able to properly demonstrate their skills and practice. They had been working for over a month for this night and the event excelled because of it. Walker excitedly said, “I think it went really well! There was a lot of people there so that was really exciting to see.”

The event was positive and provided the students with a good experience to be able to practice performing in front of crowds, and show them that their hard work paid off.

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