Admitted student’s day makes best out of dreary weather

Admitted student’s day makes best out of dreary weather

Brenna Woslum, Staff Writer

On April 14, dozens of prospective Saints converged at the Marcus Pavilion for Saint Martin’s University’s Admitted Students Day. According to the admissions department, the final headcount fell at 100 prospective students, and included attendees from Washington, California and Hawai’i.

The event started at 10 a.m. and ran until 3 p.m. Admitted Students Day is designed to help new and transferring Saint Martin’s students with the enrollment process.  Attendees were greeted at the doors to the Pavilion by Marty, SMU’s beloved mascot, the Saint Martin’s cheer squad and Saint Martin’s staff from admissions, financial aid and enrollment.  After a brief introduction period where the prospective students and their families took photos with Marty, signed in and found their seats, the event began with speeches from SMU President Roy Heynderickx, Associate Professor of Physics, Stephen Parker, Ph.D and other enrollment staff. Parker, proceeded to introduce the admissions staff in attendance. In the hall, Michael Grosso, the director of the financial aid department, waited to provide prospective students with help and answers to any questions regarding the financial aid process.

After the introduction, the students braved the rain to participate in a campus wide scavenger hunt that had stops at the courtyard fountain, where dozens of rubber ducks provided a bright splash of color against the overcast day, to the grand staircase for photos, and other activities around the college. Throughout the entire scavenger hunt, participating Saint Martin’s staff cheerfully greeted students, despite the constant rain, and maintained a festive attitude for the event. During the event, prospective students could make use of a custom Saint Martin’s Snapchat filter, and were encouraged to post photos using the hashtag “#admittedsaintsday.”

Following the scavenger hunt, attendees returned to the Pavilion for a hot lunch prepared by Bon Appetit to continue with the enrollment activities. In the auditorium, booths from many different departments lined the room to help students through the enrollment process while engaging them in fun activities such as games and a cotton candy booth. Students in attendance stated various reasons for applying to Saint Martin’s, including the appeal of the location, the college’s reputation and the Benedictine values. Others expressed anxieties about the availability of financial aid and the expense of attending a private college, but overall held positive views of the event, the application process and the campus culture.

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