Are cowboy boot sandals the hottest new trend?

Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer


Cowboy boot sandals have become the newest way to wear boots in the heat of the summer. A company called Redneck Boot Sandals makes them to order for $150 when you provide them with the boot to do it with. This unique new trend could be the biggest thing this summer for country folk all across the United States.

The CEO of the company, Scotty Franklin, thought up this eccentric idea while sitting on the white beaches of Alabama one summer afternoon. He noticed a man walking by, kicking up the sand with his cowboy boots, and then looked at everyone’s flip flops that they had on. His wheels started to turn and eventually he developed a shoe that would stay true to cowboy fashion, while also keeping your feet cool in the summer heat. He believed that this would be the ultimate purchasing factor and a unique combination that customers would want to buy.

They have become such a rising sensation that Franklin cannot go anywhere without someone buying the boots right off his feet. It is because of this that he decided to make it into a whole business. The question now is, whether states that are not as far south as Alabama will continue to pick up the trend.

A few months shy of one year ago, Franklin’s company Redneck Boot Sandals gained momentum after they went viral online. Last August, a Tulsa news channel brought Franklin in for a live interview about his business, and of course, the newscaster was wearing a pair of Redneck Boot Sandals. Since then, the boot sandals have been covered by sites such as Cosmopolitan and Mashable. Cosmopolitan called them, “the most bizarre thing to ever happen to fashion.”

I prompted a few students of different backgrounds with a picture of this new fad as well as the idea of the boot sandal trend.

Gabrielle McClure, a psychology major and a Junior at Saint Martin’s, responded, “I absolutely love them. Not only are they fancy cowboy boots which are already stylish, but open-toed cowboy boots really accentuate the heels on the boots. Also, I love tall boots and the idea of being able to wear them all summer sounds amazing and very efficient. I do not, however, like the idea of buying already expensive boots and sending them to get cut open for money but I would buy them if I did not have to provide the boot as well.”

Another Saint Martin’s student, a sophomore and business major, said, “They do not seem like they will be a lasting trend—just a fad that will come and go quickly. It seems like a lot of money to pay to get them created if you have to send them your own boots as well. Because of that, I do not see it gaining momentum to have many people purchasing them.”

Ashlie Oxford, a political science major and a freshman at Centralia College, responded: “As someone who is not a huge fashionista, I still think that these are absolutely hideous, and I believe this is a disgrace to actual cowboy boots. I have never preferred to wear cowboy boots, and I would never wear these. I do not understand why someone would spend that amount of money for this horrible trend.”

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