Editor’s Note

To our readers,


Thank you for taking the time to pick up a copy of our paper, the last issue of the year.  As I wrap up my career at Saint Martin’s, I have to thank everyone at the Belltower for all the help along the way. The Belltower staff has been nothing short of great. Being a part of the Belltower team has allowed me to learn more about events and students at SMU, and be proud of the community here.

In this issue we cover a variety of events and important issues. In News we cover the recent Facebook data breach, and the Russian mall fire. In Lifestyles we cover different cultures at SMU, and the government recruiting event held a few weeks back in Features. In Classroom and CCR we cover emergency preparedness and the Admitted Students Day. Arts and Entertainment includes reviews on new movies and restaurants around campus. In Sports, a review of the fall sports teams at SMU, and a feature on the softball coach.

Wrapping up my student life at Saint Martin’s ended with my completion of the Washington State Legislative Internship Program. Instead of taking classes, I worked in the State Senate for Washington State Senator Keith Wagoner, during the 2018 session. I was constantly learning about politics with lobbyists, constituents, State Representatives, and State Senators at our Capitol, and am happy to still have the opportunity to work as the Sports Editor for our paper this semester.

Thank you to the professors, my coaches Cato, Paige, my teammates, and Shannon and everyone in the Saint Martin’s Community for a great four years and congratulations to the graduating class of 2018.


Goodbye for now,


Brittany Orlosky

Sports Editor

Sen. Wagoner and staff.

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