Huskies look to have strong season, despite loss to Auburn

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Luke Hare, Staff Writer


The Washington Huskies recently played in what has been considered the most difficult game of the season. If it had not been for a few critical mistakes, the score may have been in their favor. There is a long season ahead and anything is possible, including the college football playoffs.

Even after a heartbreaking loss against the talented Auburn football team, there are many things to build on. There was only a five-point difference in the score, and there were many opportunities for Washington to capitalize on. Even though the team lost one of the most talented offensive tackles in college football, Trey Adams, for what might be the full season, there are some very talented second-string players that would likely start at almost any other school.  

When asking the players what they thought about their performances, there was a common theme throughout the locker room.

“It still stinks. It really sucked,” said senior linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven. “It’s definitely one that’s going to give you a chip on your shoulder the whole year. We felt like we were right there. We were playing good ball and I think there was a lot of missed opportunities to win that football game, and I think that’s something that’s definitely going to bother a lot of guys for a long time.”

When reporters asked defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake on how he and the rest of the coaching staff felt after the game, not much was different. “We’re still all pissed off. A loss is a loss. We’re all mad. I think the guys competed in all those games you just mentioned (Alabama and Penn State). We competed and we were battling and trying to win the football game, just like we were on Saturday. But a loss is a loss and we’re still upset about it, which a competitor should be.”

Fans are still eager to see how the Huskies will move forward from the devastating loss in their home opener against North Dakota on Sept. 8. A lot can be said about how a team responds to a close loss.

Losing is not fun, and the players and coaches are on the same page and know what their expectations are. The season has just started and anything is possible. While the Huskies did not start how they wished they would, the race for the college football playoffs is still wide open.

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