26 organizations attend St Martin’s Business Career Fair

Sophia Lim, Staff Writer


On Wednesday, Sept. 19, Saint Martin’s annual Business Career Fair was held  in the Norman Worthington Conference Center. There were 26 booths set up and many different organizations for students interested in business careers. Light refreshments and snacks were laid out and available for the staff, students, and businesses as they all met with each other. The organizations attending the Business Career Fair included for-profit businesses, state agencies, and graduate schools, with Saint Martin’s alumni representing some of the companies and agencies attending the career fair.

Each semester, Saint Martin’s University hosts career fairs on campus. This staple event having been around for more than 10 years. According to Ann Adams, SMU’s Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development, the student attendance is much better at smaller majors fairs, rather than when there were large all-major fairs in the past. Because of this, there will be four fairs each year. Adams explains that the fairs are held to give students an opportunity to meet potential employers, learn about career choices, and make valuable connections for the future.

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, attending these types of events will really benefit students in the long run. At the business fair, there were some seniors who were looking for jobs after they graduate, juniors searching for internships, sophomores exploring options, and even a few freshmen looking at what is offered so they can plan for the future. Though many may have come to the fair for different reasons, what they all collectively gained was more resources. Networking is an important aspect in life and this fair was a great opportunity for students to improve their networking skills. Students are not forced to rush their decisions, and choose which company or organization to commit to. Instead, they are able to meet potential employers and learn different things from what each organization they visit.

It is encouraged for students who attend to bring copies of their resume so they are able to give it to whichever organization they are intrigues them. These types of events are business casual, so that students do not get overwhelmed. Adams advises that Saint Martin’s University students attend as many career fairs as they can. The more people they meet, the easier it gets to have conversations with recruiters. These fairs benefit students by opening doors and even revealing jobs and internships that some may have never even known existed. These events are meant to help promote new opportunities and experiences to students with no cost. On Sept. 26, the school also hosted the Careers for the Common Good Fair and it was certainly not the last fair the Career Center will host for the wide range of students and programs on our campus.

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