Saint Martin’s University: A Small Quiet Place

Saint Martin’s University is known for being a relatively “small” school. It’s small in terms of its campus size. Small, in terms of student numbers. Small, even, in terms of parking space. For years, this has been one of the most attractive qualities of the university. If you ask anyone why they chose to attend Saint Martin’s there answer might be somewhere along the line of “small class sizes,””short walking distances on campus,” or “a small tight-knit community.” But, there is another great thing about going to a “small” school that doesn’t get nearly as mentioned as much. That is: the role it plays in the every day busy lives of students.

In such a small place with an even smaller amount of people, it’s easy to find yourself alone at times. And while college is a time to meet new people and make new memories, being alone at times isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be nice to escape from life’s hectic business to a small quiet place when you need it. This collection is a tribute to the quiet places I’ve discovered on campus over the course of my undergraduate career whether I was looking for a small quiet places or not. Check out the actual photographs of these places below.

The first on my list of small quiet places is one I found on accident. On my third day of freshman year, I was hopelessly lost on the fourth floor of Old Main. Frantic and running late, I tried to navigate the twists and turns of the building’s many halls. At the end of one, I stumbled upon a bright open room with several work station type tables adjacent to the walls, lined one behind the other. Along the walls were jars of preserved animals and body parts. Needing to catch my breath, I decided to sit down at one of the tables. I had not been in a more peaceful classroom. I eventually decided to skip the class and enjoy my new surroundings (while getting some homework done). I went back to take a picture of the classroom and found Abagail Limov doing exactly what I had done a few years ago: enjoying a small quiet place to do homework.

The second places hold a special place in my heart. Working at the O’Grady library for four years has been a tremendous blessing in so many ways. Particularly when in need of somewhere to escape to or focus on homework. Pictured students are looking for books among the stacks: a places I’ve visited many times. Whether it was to take a break from work and sit in between the shelves of books I was fixing or just to enjoy being surrounded by books. The stacks is one of my favorite places to go when I need to.

Just beside the stacks are some great study areas. While the table seats four, there’s always the option to study alone if you really need to focus. These are the Upper Level study tables. I’ve retreated to them one too many times. They’re the perfect place to lay out all your things on their big open surface and really get to work. Not to mention it’s usually pretty quiet. Hence, it being one of my favorite small quiet places on campus. You can find O’Grady Library’s hours here to plan your next study session in these quiet places.

On the second floor of Harnad Hall, you’ll find a few different places to sit. There’s benches, chairs, and even some desks. Along the one and only glass lined bridge there a statistic on sexual assault in honor of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The best feeling is finding a nice quiet place to sit when it’s not too busy. You can enjoy a coffee you’ve picked up from the Monk’s Bean and enjoy a nice quiet place.

Downstairs, there’s the first floor of Harnad Hall. My favorite spot was taken but Anmol Grewal let me take a picture of her there instead. Like me, she was looking for a nice quiet place to get some studying done. The seat next to the giant glass wall is always one of my go to seats. Whether it be night or day, it’s comforting to look to the side and see Saint Martin’s beautiful campus.

I call this place, “The other computer room.” I feel like it gets forgotten sometimes. It’s Harnad’s hole in the wall. Nestled between an even larger computer room and the Bellower’s office, the room provides a private little space for students to use computers and desk space. It’s small and busy at times, but on weekends or really quite afternoon, it’s the perfect space to just enjoy one’s own company…Or the company of others as Brandon Gaigs is in this photograph.

This might not look like a small quiet place but at one point it was for me. My friend Kana’i use to work at this desk last year and she’d ask me to come do homework with her some days. On nights when she was closing the Charneski Recreational Center and business was slow, we’d review movies and talk for hours. It was the perfect place to just relax after a work out and catch up with old friends. Taylor Virtue, pictured here, also said she thought of her tiny work space as a little retreat from every day life.

Lastly, there’s the studio classroom on the second floor of Charneski Recreational Center. If you’re lucky and the weather’s nice out, you can enjoy this space privately. You can really enjoy the quietness any way you like here. Have a workout, practice a dance routine, or even have a good read while you enjoy the room’s ambiance.


A blog post by Jessilyn Dagum

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