The Senior Leadership is On for Gondrezick and Vernoy

Luke Hare, Staff Writer


Since the first time they picked up a volleyball, outside hitter Rachel Gondrezick, and right-side hitter Megan Vernoy fell in love with the game.  Something clicked for the both of them with this sport and throughout their long careers, neither had the same feelings they have right now as the only two women on the team that have been at Saint Martin’s all four years of their career.

Heading into their final season, however, they both are set on having a great last season.

“Emotionally, I’m soaking in every single second I have on this court,” said Gondrezick. “wWith Megan and I having been through it all, we are looking to teach the freshman that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that these are the moments we need to embrace with each other on and off the court.”

“I think stepping into my senior season, I have a little more pressure but it is an exciting pressure that I look to embrace to better the underclassmen for their future,” said Vernoy. “Having eight of our 14 players being new to the team, we started out a little rough but are starting to get a flow of things. We have figured out our expectations and are beginning to play more like a team and starting to hold each other accountable to reach those goals.”

After coming off a school record in wins last season, the returning girls know what they are capable of and have set the expectations high for this year.

“The past years were based on just winning a certain amount of games that isn’t the lowest in school history. This year our expectations are much higher. With us having so many new faces and having a large portion of our team being underclassmen, we can shape what this program can look like in the future,” responded Gondrezick. “That’s what our goal is. To make Saint Martin’s Volleyball a team to not sleep on.”

At the time of this article’s composition, Gondrezick is sitting at 641 kills, which ranks her No. 7 in school history, while Vernoy currently has 567 kills, which puts her only 19 kills away from the top 10.

When I asked Megan Vernoy about what she was thankful for, I don’t think it could’ve been answered any more perfect. “People think that this is just a game. And as cliché as it is to say this, it’s much more than that. It is something that teaches us how to handle achievements and losses and bringing that with us into the real world outside of sports.”

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