Ask Kianna Edition 11: The Greatest Gift of All Time

Kianna Garmanian, Staff Writer


Dear Kianna, can you explain the importance of the Catholic Mass? Why should I go to church? – Apprehensive attendee

Dear Apprehensive,

Please allow me to share parts of my own faith journey with you. My life has been changed. Permanently changed. There is absolutely no going back. My soul has been claimed by Christ. Two years ago, my heart and mind were awakened to the beautiful treasure that remains hidden in the lives of many. This treasure is the source of our eternal nourishment and everlasting strength. This precious gift is none other than the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Two years ago, when I was 18 years old, Jesus led me to the most remarkable discovery of my entire life: Daily Mass.

Now, please hear me when I say this, for most of my life, I thought Mass was boring, long, and simply unnecessary. Whenever a Sunday rolled along, the thought of going to church instantly put me in a bad mood. Mass always seemed to interrupt the “more important” activities in my daily life…or at least, this is what I thought. I remember thinking that people who attend Daily Mass must be super crazy or extremely bored. Don’t they have anything else better to do with their time?

Shortly after I graduated high school, I very quickly became overwhelmed by the routines of my daily life. I was so immersed in my own activities that I failed to make time to pray and strengthen my relationship with Christ. As time went on, I became swamped in misery and unhappiness, as my soul was desperately searching for peace. So, one afternoon, I stopped by my church to spend some time with Jesus in adoration. I felt lost, afraid, and broken, so I went to Christ to seek guidance and answers.

Very clearly, as if someone was speaking into my ears, I heard these words as I was praying: “Kianna, I want you to come to Mass with me tomorrow morning.” Honestly, I was so confused when I first heard this… like what? Going to Mass on a weekday? Absurd. But, this message was so clear and I was curious to discover why Jesus was calling me in this way. So, by the grace of God, I set my alarm clock and attended Daily Mass the following morning (which was a huge deal since it was during the summer and I could have slept in).  

I lack the words to describe this experience in its fullness. All I can say is this: Something about the Mass completely captivated my heart, mind, and soul. There was a peace, a deep peace, that filled my being. I felt overtaken by a new sense of joy and life-giving strength. I had to keep coming back for more…for more grace…to discover more beauty. And that is exactly what I did.  

As I began going to Daily Mass that summer, I more fully understood that it was the Eucharist, Jesus’ own body and blood, that was drawing me in and fueling my being. The Eucharist is our most sacred, precious, and prized treasure. The Eucharist is Jesus himself, and He longs to offer this gift to each one of us. I wish I could find the words to explain how transformational Daily Mass has been for me over the past two years. I cannot imagine my life without this gift or the eternal nourishment of the Eucharist. My dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, our Lord is calling you. He desires to enter into communion with you…will you answer him?

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