Saying goodbye to this year’s ASSMU representatives and hello to new leaders on campus

Olivia Alvord


As the 2018-2019 academic year comes to a close, I wanted to look back on this year’s accomplishments throughout the various leadership roles in the Associated Student Body of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU). I enlisted the help of some of my fellow leaders to really get a feel for all that we have accomplished this year.

As your Senator of Education this year, I would say that my biggest accomplishment for the College of Education and Counseling was being a voice of reason and concern for my fellow Education students to make sure their voices were heard. As far as ASSMU Senate projects are concerned, I am happy to announce that I created two mural designs that will be converted onto vinyl and placed on the TUB walls by the end of this year. Krislyn Davis will take over for me next year.  I am confident that she will achieve great things while in this role.

Megan Quinones, Senator of Cultural Diversity, said, “I think my biggest accomplishment for this year has been the Solidarity Dinner. There were around 80 people in attendance and overall, it was a very impactful event and the speakers really cultivated a space of community.” Jayci (Alohi) Gomes will take over as Senator of Cultural Diversity for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Melissa Rosscup, Senator of Commuter Students, said her biggest accomplishment while holding this position was collecting the information on discounts and classes from local mechanic shops. “Although it is not yet done, I think that it will be pretty great for our students in the end.” When considering the accomplishments of ASSMU as a whole, Rosscup said, “I think that making sure all the budgets were well read and really thorough each week was one of our strengths throughout the year.” Isla Barlet will take over this position next year.

Executive Secretary Hannah Salapka said that her implementation of the heat press will continue to be beneficial to the student body for years to come. In addition, “I feel as though I did a great job of keeping the logistics and the little things in order in the background, which kept things running smoothly throughout the year.”

Senator of Life Sciences, Jansen Dacquel, stated, “I feel as if my greatest accomplishment was supporting the transition of the new science building and helping the transition of the new exercise science and nursing majors. Go Saints!” Dacquel will continue to serve the Saint Martin’s community in this position next year.

Dulce Armas, Senator of Non-Traditional Students reflected on her own accomplishments of this school year, saying “I think the thing I am most proud of is all the work I put into to the Power and Privilege Summit. While it did not get accomplished this year, I look at it as though I planted the seeds and now there is a roadmap for future positions to finish it.” Kaitlyn Slade will take over for Armas this upcoming year.

Michael Otter-Johnson, who has been the  Senator of Business for the past two years, stated, “I think our ability, as a Senate, to communicate clearly with one another our opinions throughout the year, as well as, our focus on being as transparent as possible are our biggest accomplishments. I think that government gets kind of tricky sometimes and I think we did a good job of being genuine and transparent with the student body.” Jocelyn Bonilla will follow suit in this position next year.

Savannah Schilperoort, Senator of Arts and Sciences, stated that her biggest accomplishment during her year of service was implementing the charging stations. “While this is just one small thing, the legacy it will leave behind, and the number of students who will benefit from it is the biggest impact. As a Senate that is something we have really excelled at this year. We engaged the assembly with the projects each one of us completed and looked not just into the work that will have an immediate impact, but one that will last for years to come.” Amanda Chappell will take over for Schilperoort this upcoming year.

Senator of Clubs Cung Le told me that she is most proud of the Clubs 101 event that she held with Rosscup. “This event helped make expectations clearer for the club e-boards and ultimately made the processes run smoother.” She looks forward to serving the student body in a different role next year, as Vice-President, while Nathan Tuason, takes over her role as Senator of Clubs.

Three-time position holder on ASSMU, and this year’s Vice President, Larissa Kolasinski, said that some of the Senate’s biggest accomplishments included “having every position full for elections for the upcoming Senate, editing the Finance Code, editing ASSMU awards, and the SMUmbrella project. The umbrella project did not go directly as planned; however, it does show changes being made on campus and the failed project was a learning opportunity for all of us.”

Also elected as upcoming leaders for ASSMU next year include: Andrew Garcia (current Treasurer and future President), Realani Rulona (current and future Senator of Engineering), Andrew Oslin (Senator of Athletics), and Alwaleed (Welly) Alqufaydi (Senator of International Students).

Note: The Secretary and Treasurer positions were individually appointed by the President and Vice President after the rest of the Senate were sworn in at Student Appreciation night. Conner Snow is the Executive Treasurer and Salapka is the Executive Secretary for the 2019-2020 school year.


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