Olympia woman awaits trial: Community mourns her mother’s death

Victoria Hall, Staff Writer


Olympia woman Amara Lundy is awaiting trial after confessing to the strangulation and dismemberment of her mother, 56-year-old Sue Lundy.

Lundy appeared before Commissioner Rebekah Zinn in Thurston County Superior Court on Aug. 13. Video footage from KIRO 7 captured her on a small screen, sitting beside Defense Attorney Angela Colaiuta. In the video, 23 year-old Lundy wears a bright orange jumpsuit and a blank expression, as tearful family members witness the court proceedings. The video zooms in on Lundy’s eyes as they flip back and forth. 

Prior to her arrest, Lundy attended Evergreen State College. She participated in performing arts and self-published a book titled Darker Minds. Her author’s biography provides a seemingly innocuous description of her as a young aspiring author who “shares her time between her motivating mom and her doting dad.” With no previous criminal history, her confession has generated confusion in the community.

Residents are attempting to make sense of a horror story in their own hometown. Speculations have ranged from politics to occult, with some people pointing to the town itself.  “It’s an evil place. A hub for black magick [sic],” says Minnie Wynn, former Olympia resident in response to one of Lundy’s Facebook posts (since removed). Lundy posted that she had “summoned a death goddess” and “believed death benefited the species.” Another Olympia resident and anonymous friend of Sue Lundy blames the town, stating, “This town is full of evil and I want it out.” Commenters on the KING 5 Facebook post blame modern day politics and a failed mental healthcare system.

Court documents report Lundy telling police that she had been planning the murder since May and purchased a yellow electrical cord which served as the alleged murder weapon. She told officers that “she had grown tired of her mother and decided that if her mother was dead, things would be better for several people.”

However, many who knew Sue disagree. A news report by KING 5 lists some of Sue Lundy’s notable services to the Olympia community, including delivering babies as a doula and coordinating donations at the food bank. Another article by KOMO News quotes Tom Nogler, a friend of Sue’s, and owner of one of the farms she managed: “Sue Lundy was a hard working dedicated person. She helped people in the community by nurturing the Kiwanis Food Bank Garden to provide healthy food for those in need . . . For over 10 years she guided volunteers learning farming techniques, many of them young people from organizations dedicated to community service.”

A prayer circle for the Lundy family was held on Aug. 18, as well as a public seed, plant, and harvest exchange. The description on the Facebook event page reads: “Gleaning and feeding others is something Sue loved in life. She should be picking apples now. We must continue her work.”

Lundy is being held without bail at the Thurston County Jail.


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