Ten tips from a senior student on how to survive college

Kianna Garmanian, Staff Writer


Whether it is your first or last year at Saint Martin’s, I hope you enjoy your time at this wonderful university. As it is now my fourth year attending Saint Martin’s, I have learned a thing or two from my college experience. Here are some of my best tips and advice on navigating college and making the most out of this time in your life. 

Do something new or take a chance – Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Join a new club. Try out a campus life social event. Make a new friend. Stand up for what you believe in.

Stay busy, but not too busy – It is easy to overpack your schedule. Trust me; I have done this time and time again. While it is important to have a nice schedule, make sure you also have time to breathe, relax, and decompress. Plan in some Netflix movie nights with popcorn, or a time when you can take a quick nap.

Do not get too caught up in drama – Naturally, when you put a bunch of young adults in a room, there is bound to be some drama. You are bound to get sucked into a lot of unnecessary drama and nonsense, which is really just time-consuming and overburdening. Surround yourself with people you want to be around. Keep those who lift you up and know that it is not worth it if you have to focus too much of your time on the little things. 

Stay on top of your studies – I had to throw that one in the list of tips. I thought it was necessary since we are here to get an education. In all honesty, it is easy to get behind and put off doing your homework. Procrastination does catch up with you. Trust me- I have been there, and it is not pretty. 

Take advantage of the Campus resources – There are so many amazing resources to utilize, all paid as a part of your tuition. The Health Center, located on the first floor of Burton Hall, is available if you have any questions about your physical health and wellness. The Counseling and Wellness Center is available if you need someone to talk to, need some advice or direction, or are battling through a difficult moment. There are many academic support groups, programs, tutors, and study guides readily available. You can schedule an appointment with your counselor or an academic advisor if you need help with your classes and schoolwork. You can even check out the group workout classes at the Rec Center if you want to get in a good sweat or de-stress. 

Do not disregard the importance of sleep- I get it. We are college students. The catchphrase, “sleep is for the weak” has always been familiar to us. However, sleep is not only important; it is necessary. I know you feel invincible, but trust me when I say this: You need sleep to thrive in college. Try not to stay up too late and your body will thank you later.  

Take a walk around our beautiful campus – Morning walks around the campus and exploring the beautiful nature is one of my favorite activities to do each day. As the sun rises, I breathe in the fresh air and take in the stillness, peace, and calm of the nature around me. 

Say a prayer and talk to God – College is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship with Christ. At the Abbey Church, the monks offer multiple prayer services each day that are open to the entire community. If you are looking for peace and a time to connect with God, settle down, or find some balance, you are welcome to say a prayer on your own or join the monks each day at the Church. 

Do not be afraid to reach out for help – If you need something, ask for it. Take care of yourself because you are worth it. Never be afraid to reach out to others and ask for guidance. Talk to a friend, a teacher, a staff member, or trusted adult. Again, the Counseling and Wellness Center is a great resource. Both your mental and physical health are of great importance. 

Have fun and enjoy your life – College is such a wonderful time to enjoy your youth. You have energy, life, and opportunities. Live and make memories with friends. Focus on your schoolwork, but make sure you have enough time to explore the Lacey/Olympia area, go to school dances, and come to all the sports games- these activities are what make college so fun.

Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed year, Saints. 

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