A call for the Potterheads: Didn’t receive an owl, we got you covered!

Prachi Gohil 


Clubs and organizations are an integral part of any institution. They allow students to practice their management and leadership skills. With that being said, Saint Martin’s University currently has over 40 clubs and organizations on campus, which gives students equal opportunities to showcase their skills and interests. The campus is filled with people who share a common interest for stories and love for fiction, which has led to the establishment of the Harry Potter Club.

The Harry Potter Club aims to bring people together through the love and entertainment of J. K. Rowling’s world and serves as a place for people to be creative, relax, spend time with friends and discover a magical side to themselves.

The club held its first meeting on Sept. 23, where fellow Potterheads had sorting hat ceremonies. Students were sorted into their respective Hogwarts house on the basis of a quiz designed on the characters. Following the quiz, potterheads were given a cupcake. The cupcakes were covered up with whipped cream, but incorporated different colored candies that would show the four houses they could’ve sorted into. The students spent the rest of their evening making different wands.

The designs of these wands varied with each individual, but all of them were crafted from chopsticks. The evening saw many students transform into young craftsmen working towards a common goal; recreating the magical experience they lived while watching movies or reading books. 

Tuilei Scanlan says, “The Harry Potter Club was interesting, and they managed to keep it upbeat and light, they played the soundtrack in the background so there is no awkward silence. The questions that were given to each of the new members in order to bring out their true personalities was especially fun because my Slytherin showed.”

Sophia Lim says, “The club is really fun so far and it is very engaging with the people who are participating in these activities. I see potential in this group and I hope this group grows over the years to come.”

Madeleine Smallwood, President, and Clara Sodon, Vice President, have a lot of fun activities planned for the semester for students who are, or would like to be, a part of the club. The club meets every other Monday in Harned 116 at 7 p.m.

The planned activities center around events that played an important role in the books and movies. These include a potion making class, divination tea party, crafting snitches, and butterbeer with a Harry Potter marathon.

All students at Saint Martin’s University are free to participate in these activities and support values such as open-mindedness, cooperation and respect for differences. The next meeting will be on Monday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m.


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