Bringing life to campus

Myki Dee Kim, Staff Writer


alexis (1)

Three months ago, the Saint Martin’s community welcomed Alexis Nelson to the position of Director of Campus Life. Originally from Minnesota, Nelson first moved to the west to attend a small liberal arts college in California. She then moved to the Pacific Northwest to work at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash. After a few months on campus, she has now become fully immersed as a Saint. 

While browsing the web, Nelson found a job posting on the Saint Martin’s website that instantly drew her in. Nelson received her Master’s in Leadership in Higher Education and has become a student affairs professional. Her undergraduate life in California consisted of a small university, which provided Alexis with a positive college experience. With that in mind, a small university that has deep-rooted support for students, faculty, and staff was a perfect fit. While researching the university, Nelson stumbled upon benedictine values that became an instant source of interest. During her time here, she has witnessed how the community does not only speak of the values, but lives them out in their daily lives. 

When reflecting on her short time at Saint Martin’s, she has found a few things that are favorites of hers. She enjoys the monastic community’s influence on campus, especially how members provide information on the history and traditions that keep the university thriving. Their influence is what makes the university unique compared to others. Nelson notes that one of her favorite things is the personable students she has met in her short three months. She has had the ability to make close connections with students and those opportunities have been valuable and meaningful. The continual growth in her relationships with students provides “depth and quality that is high and deep. It has been wonderful.” 

In her spare time, Nelson loves to spend time with her three-year-old daughter and do “toddler shenanigans.” 

“Shenanigans includes museums, water parks, swimming pools, and much more timeless fun.” She has also had a lifelong passion for reading and writing and enjoys writing on the side. Prior to her career in student affairs, Nelson considered becoming an English professor because of her deep love and respect for the literary field. Her goal is to one day write children’s books. Nelson also notes that years before she moved away from her home in Minnesota, she used to volunteer at the local county fire department. 

Having only been here for a few short months, Nelson hopes to continue to meet new students every day. She encourages anyone to swing by her office at any time. She is always active in the TUB. Nelson has an open door policy for her office, saying that students are always welcome to stop by and chat with her at any time. Students do not need to have an appointment or a reason to come by. If you love dogs, you are in luck. Nelson and her family have a loving dog named Theo that many students have fallen in love with instantly. 

Nelson is a wonderful new addition to the Saint Martin’s family. If you have not gotten a chance to meet her yet, make sure to swing by her office or say hello to her when you see her around campus. 


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