Andrew Garcia: Working for the students

Andrew Student Spotlight

Prya Oliviera, Staff Writer


The ASSMU President has many responsibilities, most of which are not obvious. Andrew Garcia, a very active Saint Martin’s senior, understand these responsibilities all too well. Garcia is from San Gabriel, Calif. and is majoring in Business. I have seen him first hand in action as ASSMU President, as well as Campus Activities Board lead. On top of those positions, he also is a part of the Social Squad and serves on the Student Affairs Committee. Aside from his roles at school, I wanted to see what he was passionate about to understand if that connected to his on campus involvement. 

Garcia is the main point of contact to the Board of Trustees at their quarterly board meetings. 

He advocates for the student body, saying, “through representation of the institution’s administration, cabinet members, and Board of Trustees.” 

Garcia says that the main purpose of this is to articulate the needs, wants, desires, and interests of the student body.

Being on the Student Affairs Committee means that he “supervises, evaluates and holds accountability for 15 senators.” 

He went on to say that he maintains a general oversight of all student government funds, which totals out to $200,000 each year. 

As the lead for the Campus Activities Board, Garcia takes care of the calendar, planning, initiating, and administers over the 40 student-oriented activities that happen on and off campus during the school year. He also conducts eight weekly one-on-ones with each event coordinator to provide coaching and mentoring that ensures accountability for previously set goals. Garcia enjoys finding new ways to improve existing programs while still initiating new ones to serve the diverse population of students. This position has allowed him to participate in the annual National Association for Campus Activities Western Regional Conference.

Being a part of the Social Squad means that Garcia attends regularly assigned university events and advertises these events to enhance community engagement. 

In terms of social media, he mentions he “attends recurring meetings and trainings on best practices for promoting social media use within the Saint Martin’s community.”

He says that his biggest passion is “student development and helping others identify their passions.” 

Garcia said, “[Campus Activities Board] Lead and [ASSMU President] allows me to meet with other student workers and other students who need guidance and/or advice in developing their passions and allowing them to fully grow in this environment…my passion stems from the journey I went on for self-growth and for the time I took to find a vocation. I want to help others going through what I went through.”

He shares, “Do what you love. Don’t worry what others think about it. Don’t let money or negative externalities affect your own thoughts or processes. Do what you love and everything will line up. Don’t force anything.”

To Garcia, it is evident that self-growth on a college campus is necessary, and he sets out to help those who need the guidance because he remembers what it is like to be in their position. Being involved in so many roles allows Garcia to reach out to a vast majority of students, seeing perspectives that can only benefit the Saint Martin’s community. 

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