Saint Martin’s fall friday faculty lunch series 

Prachi Gohil, Roving Editor


The Friday Faculty Lunch Program brings staff and faculty members together to attend presentations by Saint Martin’s faculty on pedagogy, faculty scholarship, and timely topics. A light lunch and beverages are served. The faculty lunch schedule for fall 2019 takes place on Fridays at noon in Harned Hall 110 to encourage faculty members to present their research topics. 

The faculty lunch series has completed five of their seven meetings as per the schedule. On Sept. 13, Gina Armer, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Business and MBA Program Director, showcased a presentation on Pioneering Women Entrepreneurs. The presentation highlighted the contribution from Mary Baker Eddy, who in 1881 chartered a co-educational college for adults. Eddy mentored her graduates to open their institutes back in their home cities. Further research into this matter led to a shocking revelation: 73 percent of these institutions were owned and operated by women in the 1880s.  

The second faculty lunch series included a collaborative study from Lindsay Meyer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology and Lori Sirs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Social Work. The presentation delivers information on work-related stress to different degrees and at different times. Meyers and Sirs shared comprehensive research that focuses on identifying and managing burnout in ourselves and students. The session was interactive and the members were well prepared to learn strategies that will help them manage stress in and outside the classroom, and how to identify when students need additional professional support.  

“Sabbatical Contemplations: Student Success and the New Core” by Dr. Todd Barosky, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, and Jeremy Newton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, was another topic of discussion, where the speakers provided sabbatical reflections on the challenges and opportunities of teaching in the New Core. Barosky discussed his approach to COR120: Critical Reading and Writing, a course designed to engage incoming students in the writing process and prepare them for success at higher levels of the curriculum. Newton explained evolving topics in Introductory Psychology (PSY101) to effectively reach and support first and second-year students through initially co-listing PSY101 with COR220P: Social Sciences/Psychology, and eventually developing a new COR220P course altogether. 

Saint Martin’s Center for Student Success (CSS) is charged with fostering academic excellence and empowering our students to achieve their learning potential and educational goals. This tedious task requires partnership and collaboration with our faculty colleagues. The fourth session, led by Amy Stewart-Mailhiot, Dean of Library and Learning Resources, presented an opportunity to learn more about the changes that have taken place in the CSS over the past year. 

Saint Martin’s University’s Benedictine Scholars Program was restructured in 2016. Scholars are asked to take a course meant to link their academic experiences to the structure and mission underlying the Benedictine Scholars Program. Floraliza Bornasal, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Faculty Advisor for the Benedictine Scholars Program, provided a general overview of the program. 

Last week’s faculty lunch series was “Excellent Fulbright Adventure” by Robert Hauhart, Ph.D. The lunch gave more information about how he came to apply for a Fulbright, the “best practices” for obtaining an Award, his assigned posting in Slovenia, what he did to take advantage of his time in Europe, and more. The presentation included multiple photos, jejune, and corny jokes.

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