Trying Toto’s Teriyaki

Toto's Teriyaki-Grace C

Grace Crocker, Staff Writer


For a small restaurant, Toto’s Teriyaki has good food, and even better service. On Tuesday, Jan 14, Ryan Patterson and I went out for dinner and tried Toto’s Teriyaki, a small restaurant close to campus at 6020 Pacific Ave SE.
Overall, the experience was pleasant. The restaurant had beautiful décor and a generous amount of seating. I noticed a lot of customers coming in to order takeout. I found it interesting that there was a large TV in the corner of the store playing news from a local channel. The audio was a little loud, but Ryan and I were still able to have a conversation. They provided a large menu with plenty of different options. Many choices are meat-based dishes, but there are a few vegetarian options. There is also the option to have a fountain drink or a refrigerated bottled beverage.
I ordered teriyaki beef, and Ryan had the daily special, which contained both orange and teriyaki chicken. Both meals were served with a side of white or fried rice, and salad. It took a little while for our food to arrive, but it seemed to be an average wait time for many restaurants. 

The first thing I noticed about the food was the huge plate size, which was at least three or four times that of an average dinner plate. I think this was to make the portions look larger than they were. The serving size was average in comparison to other teriyaki restaurants, and I was able to finish it all; feeling full afterwards. The pricing was similar to other teriyaki places with  the total cost of our meal being a little under $25. I would say it was worth it. We were also served a complimentary egg flour soup, while waiting for our order. Although I was unable to try the soup because of the ingredients in it, Ryan happily tasted some and gave it a positive review.
I enjoyed my teriyaki with steamed white rice, and salad. I do not normally like the salad at teriyaki places, but this one was exceptionally good. I am not sure what dressing was used, but it tied the whole meal together. The beef was thinly sliced, and were absolutely drenched in teriyaki sauce. The jus itself was thick and flavorful, yet not too overpowering. It was a nice contrast to other restaurants that do not put enough flavoring for their food. The beef was crispy and almost overcooked in a few places, but I enjoyed it. 

Ryan got two kinds of chicken and enjoyed it enough to finish the plate. He said the chicken was different than the usual and more “orangey” than other restaurant’s versions of the dish. The teriyaki chicken was a little ashy, but the sauce was good. He enjoyed the atmosphere of the building and we both agreed that it was a cute setting. He commented on the various menu items that he was willing to try if he were to go again. We also agreed that the exceptional service made us feel welcome. 

I would return to Toto’s Teriyaki, but it’s not something I would seek out. If I had no other options, I would be okay to stop in for another meal. I would give it four stars out of five.

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