Tracey Porter: A joyful presence on campus

Student Spotlight TRACEY

Myki Dee Kim, Staff Writer


Like the snowman, Olaf, in Frozen, Tracey Porter’s joyful personality and warm hugs are well known throughout campus. Porter was born and raised in Tacoma, Wash. She first discovered Saint Martin’s when she took a campus tour with her twin brother, Tony Porter. On the tour she loved how beautiful the school was, the small but intimate university size, and its religious affiliation. Upon submitting her application and receiving acceptance to Saint Martin’s, Porter was selected as one of the 10  Benedictine Scholars for the class of 2016, the program’s fifth cohort . 

Her four-year journey at Saint Martin’s has been full of excitement and personal growth. Porter not only provides ample support for others, but also surrounds herself with meaningful relationships. Not only does she have close bonds with the friends she has made as a university student, she also is surrounded by her immediate family, twin brother Tony, who is a Business major, and their little sister Nicole Porter, who is a Social Work major. Porter is also very involved on campus as a research assistant for the Science of Eating Pathologies and Illnesses (SEPIA) lab, Vice President of the Psychology club, a second-year resident assistant currently placed in Burton Hall (formerly a Norcia Mentor for one year), and a service immersion leader for the Social Justice department. Alongside Crystal Cardona, coordinator of Service and Justice, and a team of selfless students, Porter will be one of the student leads for the mission trip to McAllen, Texas that will go to the United States-Mexico border over spring break. In her free time, Porter enjoys baking and sharing her delicious treats with those around her. 

Porter is currently a fourth-year Psychology major with a Biology minor, and will be graduating in May, 2020. One of the things she loves most about Saint Martin’s is the availability for opportunities provided by the school. She notes that, “Going to a small university helps develop relationships with faculty and staff which opens doors for students.” As a soon-to-be graduate of the university, she has strong hopes for the future of Saint Martin’s. She hopes that the university will begin to place a heavier emphasis on the education department as a whole, and particularly, the students, faculty, and staff involved in the department. Porter wishes to see a continual growth of the campus community in programs, resources, and population. Since starting in 2016, Porter notes that there has been immense development and progress at the university, including the Ernsdorff Center and Reischman Department of Natural Sciences and the upcoming nursing program, that helps grow for students to come. Her final hope is that the university continues to increase the diversity within students, faculty, and staff to provide a more diversified campus community. With strong aspirations for her future, Porter strives to attain a Ph.D. in NeuroPsychology. 

Porter has and continues to touch the lives of many here at Saint Martin’s. Whether it was a sweet “hello” or sharing her delicious desserts, she never ceases to be a positive role model in our campus community. Porter continues to make her mark at Saint Martin’s, and will be remembered by many after graduating. 

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