Ann Adams continues to help students at Career Center

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer


Ann Adams can be seen coming into classrooms and events with a smile on her face and a willing attitude to help you with your future goals. Adams leads the Saint Martin’s Career Center. Adams is the Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Development, a lecturer for the School of Business, and Saints Care Manager. She helps students find their career path through a major they feel they belong in, as well as helping students build up their resumes, and find work on campus. The Career Center also hosts fairs and events which allow students to meet employers and ask questions to learn about what jobs are available in the community. Adams explained that many alumni also benefit from the program, stating that “we have over 7,000 alumni on LinkedIn alone.” Due to the large amount of alumni that have found success thanks to the program, Adams is able to refer students to alumni for any help that may be needed. Since the engineering program has been on campus for more than 40 years, there are many engineering alumni that are in the Olympia area that can connect with students. There are also many alumni in business, accounting, counseling, psychology, and criminal justice. Adams says that another way to contact alumni is through the Office of Institutional Advancement. The office helps many school faculty find alumni who can give advice to students on how to best look for the career fit for them. Some major benefits of doing this include opportunities to job shadow. “Our alumni are our biggest asset in career planning,” said Adams. 

When asked about advice for students, Adams recommends those looking for an on-campus job should apply early in the fall, as jobs are mainly taken by the start of spring semester. Some departments on campus, such as Bon Appetit, have their own hiring process and are frequently hiring throughout the year. For many working students, Adams recommends checking Handshake. Handshake is the school’s job posting system for all students. When you log in using your Saint Martin’s account information, you can access job postings both on and off campus. You can also access many volunteer and internship opportunities. 

Some tips that Adams has for those who already have a job or leadership roles on campus is to let the school invest those skills into your future. You might not think having a job on campus is something valuable, however, Adams claims that, “You are developing really good work skills for a future internship or a job after you graduate.” The school is always happy to help students get experience on future resumes. For students graduating this May, Adams recommends using the program, Saints Have a Plan. This program outlines steps for every year that a student is in college. The plans often include getting in contact with alumni, or being familiar with off campus opportunities to see what is available. Adams is currently working with a number of seniors, as it is the time for seniors graduating in May, to start looking for work. For students continuing on to graduate school, Adams can help with writing personal statements, curriculum vitae, or even a resume. The career paths Adams assist in are not limited to Olympia, or even Washington. “We have alumni everywhere. The school’s Handshake system post jobs from all over the country,” Adams said. 


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