ASSMU approves new memorandums for clubs and organizations

Grace Gillespie, Staff Writer


On Feb. 13, the Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU) approved memorandums for three groups on campus, including the Belltower, Math and Physics Club and Nursing Club. 

The associated students work efficiently to distribute money where needed. ASSMU Vice President, Cung Le, addressed the fellow senators and general assembly in the meeting, and reminded everyone to “… not focus on how much money we will have left, or on hand, to make your decision, focus on the individual need of each club for the money to determine your decision.” 

As the session continued,  Belltower representatives requested ASSMU’s support for the funding of three remaining issues for the semester. ASSMU Treasurer, Connor Snow, had no suggestion for funding on the memorandum, so the decision was up for discussion. Nathaniel Tuason, the Senator of Clubs, entertained a motion to support the funding of two issues, rather than the Belltower’s requested amount.

Senator of Athletics, Andrew Oslin, made a motion to approve the memorandum. Senator of Commuter Students, Isla Barlet, seconded the motion, followed by the comment, “Since the Belltower has listened to our concerns from the last semester with reporting more on campus events, I would like to second that motion to fund two more issues.” 

The motion was carried out seven to two, with one abstention. ASSMU funded the memorandum at $1,634.80.

The Math and Physics Club requested funds for their trip to send a few students to the Australian Astronomical Observatory, located near the town of Coonabarabran. The students plan to be there from Jun. 19 to the 23. 

The purpose of the trip is to give students the opportunity of a lifetime, by allowing them time to use the state of the art telescope at the observatory to further their studies. The United States is awarded 10 nights of use at the Australian Astronomical Observatory, and Saint Martin’s has been awarded the privilege of four of those nights. 

Funding from ASSMU would go towards hotel rooms, dorm stays, transportation, and the cost of using the space. Discussion broke out over the need for both dorms and hotel rooms. The representative for the club affirmed that the observatory is a six-hour drive from the airport, and that the students going on the trip would need to rest after the long flight and time-zone adjustment. 

A motion to approve the memorandum was made by the Vice President, and then seconded by Senator of Arts and Sciences, Amanda Chappell. ASSMU did not provide all the funds needed, but Treasurer Snow suggested the amount of $3,120 be funded. That amount was funded nine to one, with the only nay vote belonging to Senator of Clubs, Tuason. 

Lastly, the Nursing Club’s memorandum to fund their flight and hotel costs for attendance at the National Student Nurse Association in Florida, was heard.  The National Student Nurse Association meets twice a year, with the annual meeting held in the spring of each year. 

The Association exists to educate and mentor student nurses so they know the ethics and requirements necessary for the nursing profession. The representative for the Nursing Club addressed the matter that though the nursing club has accumulated a large sum of money from their fundraisers, the additional support provided by ASSMU would help tremendously to cover remaining costs. 

Treasurer Connor Snow, suggested the memorandum be funded at $1,800. Vice President Le made a motion to approve the suggestion, and was seconded by Senator of Athletics, Oslin. The motion carried nine to one, with only Senator of Clubs Tuason opposing the vote. 

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