Career Center hosts two-day CAS career fair

Grace Gillespie, Staff Writer


The overall goal for students of all class levels is to create connections. Every semester, Saint Martin’s University has career fairs tailored to all majors, which are focused on providing students with the opportunity to get connected, and start networking. 

Students are able to speak to a variety of local companies. Just talking to employers can help alleviate the stress and anxiety of students worried about the interview process, and what they should expect when entering the job market. 

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) career fair is different than the others offered by the school, as it is the largest, and takes place over two days. Each day during the fair, the campus hosts different employers, though some stay for both. This fair has by far the most organizations of any employment event offered by the university, and all are looking to talk with, and meet students in the hope of making a connection. 

A wide variety of organizations are represented, ranging from nonprofit, and conservation groups, to healthcare, and governmental entities. Typically, there are about 13 organizations on the first day of the event, with eight new and four returning during the second. 

Employers that can be found at the event this year include: Air Force Health Professions, ProScribe, and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. 

ProScribe is in the healthcare industry and provides services to physicians and emergency departments all over the United States. The organization is looking for students in the healthcare field who wish to gain experience in a real world setting, and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Jobs that are found at career fairs will always provide students with hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn more about a particular job environment. 

Ann Adams, Director of Career Development, always tells students, “It is never going to be about the work you do. You all are talented and can do all kinds of work. It is going to be about who you work for.” 

Career fairs generate the opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, and figure out what work environment they want to be a part of. 

Alyssa Nastatsi, Assistant Director of the Career Center shared her insight regarding the significance of the CAS career fair: “The thing that makes this career fair unique is it involves our students looking for a career in nonprofit or environmental work. And being near Olympia, there are a lot of nonprofit career opportunities for students.” 

Nonprofits work to benefit society in some way, and Olympia, being the capital, offers a lot of opportunities to perform that type of work at the state level. Nastasi went on to talk about how she recommends all students, from all majors attend. The CAS career fair title should not discourage students of other majors from attending and meeting companies if state work or any other opportunities are of interest. 


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