CRS Ambassadors Make A Change

Cheyenne Yap, Staff Writer


Lenten season is a significant time when many Catholics take the opportunity to deepen their faith through service and sacrifice. At Saint Martin’s University, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ambassadors make a significant difference in today’s world through advocating for world issues. 

CRS Ambassadors at Saint Martin’s play an important role. They partner with other campuses to advocate for global issues such as migration, global hunger, climate change and human trafficking. Ambassadors are always organizing opportunities for students to advocate for global issues. 

“My experience with being a CRS Ambassador is being able to make an impact in the world and the problems we have today,” says Beryl Baon, a CRS Ambassador who is also active through campus ministry. She goes on to say that she is motivated to advocate about the human trafficking issue in the world today. 

“Being involved in CRS and hearing the world crisis, . . ., I am passionate about climate change,” says Kalyn Diaz. 

Diaz is a first-year and is very motivated to make a change in this world by advocating for global issues. She further explains why she is passionate about climate change because she is from the Pacific Islands and it has become a huge issue. CRS gives her the motivation to advocate for issues like this. 

On Feb. 26, 2020, CRS Ambassadors had an information table at Harned Hall. Throughout the day they were informing students about the Rice Bowl Project. CRS Rice Bowl is a faith formation program that anyone could get involved in. The rice bowl is a cardboard bowl, and it is used to collect money for people in need all over the world, for uses such as agriculture, education and sanitation projects.

“I believe that everyone’s basic human right is to live, and to live is to be fed. We need to support people and make sure that everyone has food to eat. If we are blessed and privileged to have food in front of us to eat, it is our duty to provide what we can and help those who don’t,” said McErl Dave Andres, a senior. 

Andres has served as a sacristan at Saint Martin’s, and is very involved with Campus Ministry. Andres further explains that he was a teacher back home and noticed that his students were not eating before class started. He also noticed that there were students who did not have groceries in their houses. 

“Because of the lack of resources of food, they were not able to perform at the highest potential because their basic human need was not met,” explained Andres. 

Because of this, he was motivated to be the solution to this issue and feed his students. Andres was motivated to join the CRS Ambassadors because he was seeing that all around the world this was an issue, and he wanted to advocate.

CRS Ambassadors are affiliated with the phrase “I am the Cause, I am the Solution.” Each ambassador believes they have a duty to advocate for those that don’t know how to advocate for themselves. They are inspired and determined to push for change in a world of hunger and poverty.

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