“To all the boys I’ve loved before” gets sequel

To all the boysCheyenne Yap, Staff Writer


Heartbreak, happiness, pain and love – just a few of the many emotions that are felt while watching “P.S. I Still Love You,” the long-awaited sequel of “To All The Boys I Loved Before.”  The young-adult romance movies are based on the book series written by Jenny Han of the same name.

In the first movie, Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) writes a series of love letters to the crushes that she had during middle school. Without Lara Jean’s knowledge, the letters get sent out with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) being one of the recipients. Over the course of the film, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky fake a relationship to make Peter’s ex-girlfriend jealous. But at the end of the movie, the tables turn, and Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky fall in love with each other, eventually becoming a couple.

At the start of the sequel, “P.S I Still Love You,” Lara Jean is completely head over heels for Peter. They are officially a couple who go on cute dates at fancy restaurants and walks in the park. Later in the movie, Lara gets a letter from one of her middle school crushes- John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher). 

John Ambrose and Lara Jean unexpectedly work together as volunteers at an assisted living home called “Bellview.” While working together, they bond and get to know each other on a deeper level. This concerns Peter because this means Lara Jean and John Ambrose are going to be together more than expected. Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship dynamic weakens and causes them to break up in this movie, but he eventually fights to get her back. At the end, Lara Jean has the decision to pick between John Ambrose and Peter to be with, and picks Peter.

In the first movie, viewers got to know Peter and Lara Jean on a deeper level. Peter was portrayed as a sweet guy that would do anything to make Lara Jean happy. This all changed in the second movie. Their relationship is portrayed as imperfect and unhappy.

“For every first I was having with him, he already had his with her,” Lara Jean said. 

Throughout the whole movie, it is very obvious that Lara Jean is insecure about Peter’s past relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Peter is the first boyfriend she has ever had, and because of this, she was not exposed to all the hardships that every relationship goes through. Lara Jean had imagined her relationship to be a perfect fairy tale. In the movie, they make a promise to each other that they will never fight again. So, when problems in their relationship started to arise, she would rethink their relationship. She convinces herself that she is in love with Peter but cannot stop thinking about John Ambrose. 

There is a burning conflict that is between Peter and John Ambrose throughout the whole movie. Eventually, Lara Jean comes to terms with herself and chooses Peter. This controversial decision raises many burning questions on why she made that certain decision. Many fans after the movie were divided between Team John Ambrose and Team Peter.

The end of the film brings many loose ends together to form the fairy tale ending that Lara Jean always wanted. Though she might not have ended up with the man fans wish she had, the film is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening.


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